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New Study Adds To The Evidence That Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking

Vaping is a global phenomenon and the industry has been growing rapidly over the last several years. While many smokers recognize the potential benefits of switching to vaping, there are still those who are unaware of the growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that vaping is less harmful than smoking, and now there's more evidence to add to the pile as a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that vaping exposes users to less measurable known tobacco-related toxicants than smoking.

The study, which was led by Maciej Goniewicz, marks the largest vaping safety study to date, but before we get into what the study entails and what its implications are, it’s important to remember that most vape studies are based on short-term data. Vaping simply hasn’t been around long enough for researchers to collect the amount of data needed for long-term data analysis. That being said, let’s take a look at this new study's findings and dive into its implications for smokers and vapers.

The Research

The study included a total of 5,105 participants from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and age groups, although most participants were between 35 and 54 years old. The researchers behind the study looked for biomarkers associated with known tobacco-related constituents in the study's participants. This included biomarkers associated with nicotine metabolites, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds.

Participants were split into four categories: cigarette users, e-cig users, never users, and dual users. The researchers then compared the findings between these three groups in order to better understand the effects of cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

So what did they find out?

Well, the results aren’t very surprising. The findings are consistent with those of previous studies. It suggests that e-cigarettes are far safer than traditional cigarettes. According to the study's findings, e-cigarette users are exposed to tobacco-related toxicants, but the concentrations of toxicants in e-cig users are far lower than those of cigarette users. In fact, e-cig users showed 10% to 98% lower concentrations of toxicants compared to cigarette users.

This study also took a close look at dual users: those that use both cigarettes and e-cigs. Dual-users show signs of having far more tobacco-related toxicants than e-cig users and cigarette users. Those that only smoked cigarettes showed 10% to 36% lower concentrations of toxicants compared to those that vape and smoke.


This study reinforces the idea that vaping is far safer than smoking. However, there’s another big takeaway here. If you vape, you should really stop smoking. Vaping might seem like a great way to reduce the regularity of your smoking habit, but smoking and vaping seems to be worse for you than smoking exclusively. If you start vaping, you should only vape, otherwise you’re counteracting the supposed health benefits.

In any case, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that smoking is absolutely detrimental to your health. According to this study and several others, vaping carries a greatly reduced risk when compared to smoking. If you switch to vaping, make sure you switch for good.

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