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New E-Cigarette Investigation Suggests They Help People Quit Smoking

Obviously we know the issue of E-Cigarettes in Australia is a contentious one. There is a continuous smear campaign against the product and we seem to hear the same fustrating rhetoric coming from certain public health officials. One of which they love to use is 'there is no evidence that E-cigarettes help people quit tobacco'. Obvious we at Vaper Empire know this is not true and of course it doesnt take a genius to realise that if people are vaping then their tobacco usage will drop or entirely cease as the nicotine they require is met from consuming E-Liquid. Luckily there is a great study attached in Australia Business Insider that explains that nicotine replacement therapies are not useful for most people and that E-Cigarettes and Vaping do help people to reduce their tobacco usage. Lets hope the Australian government see common sense one day and let E-cigarettes readily available

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