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How Much Do Vape Pens Cost?

There are so many reasons to quit smoking, however, one of the most compelling reasons that likely resonates most with people are the potential cost benefits---traditional, cancerous cigarettes are getting more and more expensive with each passing day, especially in countries where regulations are tight, whilst the costs of vaping remains relatively stable and varied.

If you aren't quite convinced to quit smoking on the health aspects alone, perhaps the health of your wallet may be a more convincing factor.

After all, a pack of cigarettes can cost as much as three hours' worth of minimum wage work. That's a lot, but is it really worth it?

Is Vaping More Expensive Than Smoking?

Many people assume that vaping will cost more than cigarettes. After all, cigarettes are very simple products whereas vape pens and other vaping devices are high-tech electricals that are bound to be more expensive.

Well, that's not quite the case.

Cigarettes aren't expensive because they are simple and cheap to make. Rather, they are expensive because of the huge amount of tax that is placed on them. This is done to 'punish' cigarette manufacturers and burden consumers in a bid to dissuade the purchase of them.

Vape pens and other vaping products, on the other hand, attract the same levels of tax as other normal consumer products, although there are exceptions.

In short, though, vaping is a lot cheaper than smoking by a mile.

According to the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the USA is $6.28. Assuming the average smoker gets through a pack a day---some get through far more than this---that adds up to $188 per month or $2,292 per year. There are, of course, other factors at play; many smokers will spend more than this.

These prices are of course nothing compared to the cost of smoking in Australia, though, as you may well know, where a packet of cigarettes can cost as much as $25 (or more).

The real cost savings with vaping becomes apparent when analysing the cost of e-liquid, which is cheap compared to the cost of cigarettes. Thanks to the low cost of e-liquids, vaping is often much cheaper than smoking.

How Much Do Vape Pens Cost in Australia?

This question is sort of like asking how long a piece of string is; the cost of vape pens and other vaping products depends entirely on manufacturers and retailers who set their own prices.

Many factors go into pricing vape pens and vaping products, including:

  • Cost per unit
  • Marketing
  • Inclusion of e-liquids
  • Advanced features
  • Battery power

It is difficult to provide a general answer to this question. Instead, let's take a look at the price points of some of our own Vaper Empire products.

Vaper Empire Vantage Series Vape Pen Vantage Series.

The Vantage Series

An entry-level vape pen, our Vantage Series delivers reliability and a respectable performance for people who want a simple product that does the job.

The Vantage costs $84.95 for a starter kit that includes tow rechargeable batteries, two clearomisers, and a power cable.  For $25 extra, you can go for the Vantage Deluxe Starter Kit which includes four bottles of e-liquid and a leather-bound carry case.

Vaper Empire V-Twist Series Vape Pen V-Twist Series.

The V-Twist Series

One of our most popular vape pens, the V-Twist, gives users the ultimate control over their own vaping experience with variable voltage and intake adjustment functionality. The V-Twist is powered by a 900mAh battery that's easily adjusted with a quick twist of the base of the battery, allowing users to select a voltage setting between 3.2 and 4.8 volts.

The V-Twist comes in at $89.99 for a basic V-Twist Starter Kit (battery, two adjustable clearomisers, and a power cable). For an extra $30, you can get a Deluxe Starter Kit for $119.99 which includes a leather carrying pouch and a selection of e-liquids.

Vaper Empire Vibe Series Vibe Series.

The Vibe Series

If you are after a vape pen that delivers a higher level of all-round performance, our Vibe series provides just that.

The Vibe is available to buy for $119.99 for a basic Vibe Series Starter Kit (battery, tank, spare atomiser, spare 'O' ring pack, two mouthpieces, and a power cable). Just like with the V-Twist, you can get the Vibe Series Deluxe Starter Kit for an extra $30, bringing the total cost to $149.99.

Calculate Your Savings

As you can see, we have different products available at different price points depending on what level of functionality you want.

With vaping, the biggest initial cost is buying the actual device itself. Whilst $120 may sound like a lot, many people will spend far more than this in a single week on cigarettes. For example, a smoker who goes through a $25 pack of cigarettes each day will spend $175 on cigarettes in just one week.

As another example, somebody smoking a pack a day where a single packet costs $25 could save $690 per month and only spend $60 on e-liquid. Switching to vaping is a no-brainer for cost savings.

To calculate how much you could save by switching to Vaper Empire products from cigarettes, check out our savings calculator on the Vaper Empire homepage.

The Overall Cost of Vaping

You can get started with quite an advanced vaping set for less than $200, and ongoing costs (e.g. replacement parts, e-liquids etc.) easily cost under $100 per month.

Many people save even more money by properly maintaining and cleaning their vaping hardware to prevent the need to replace components.

When you consider that vaping is a whole lot cheaper than smoking, does not smell, tastes a whole lot better, and is up to 95% 'safer' than smoking (according to Public Health England's latest survey), there really is no good reason to not switch.

When you consider that smoking can cost consumers thousands of dollars per year and that there are other non-financial costs too, such as the cost to your health or social life, it really is no wonder that vaping has grown rapidly in popularity over the last decade or so!

Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

Ready to quit smoking and want to learn more about the huge range of high-quality products we have to offer? As Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of premium vaping products, there is no better place to buy from.

Our online store has everything from basic and advanced vaping devices, e-liquids, accessories, replacement parts, and more. Place your order now and we'll ship it to you express in as little as three-to-five business days!

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