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How Many Adults Vape In Australia?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released the findings of its National Drug Strategy Household Project, in which over 22,000 people were surveyed. So, what did this data tell us? To find out, continue reading below.

Adult Vaping Statistics In Australia

The National Drug Strategy Household Project told us a lot about vaping in Australia. It was a rather comprehensive survey that was conducted with a wide variety of Australians, so we can assume that these results, while not perfect, may offer a pretty good idea of how many Australians vape.

Additionally, this report will provide us with other vape-related details regarding the Australian population. So without further ado, let's jump into all the details.

How Many Australians Vape?

This report concluded that 1.2% of the Australian population over 18 years of age was vaping at the time of this survey in 2016. That means that roughly 227,000 adults vape in Australia. 

So, what else does Queensland's vape report tell us? A big point of interest for many was the number of Australian vapers that had managed to kick the cigarette habit.

How Many Vapers Smoke Cigarettes In Australia?

According to the report, 57% of the vapers in Australia did not smoke at the time of the survey. For a lot of smokers, there's a transition period in which they smoke and vape, which could potentially explain the other 43%.

On that note, this report also concluded that dual-users were statistically more likely to quit smoking than smokers that didn't vape. Additionally, smokers that wanted to quit were found to be more likely to vape on a daily basis.

This report also provides some insight on which Australians were statistically more likely to vape.

Which Australian Groups Are More Likely To Vape?

According to Queensland's Addictive Behaviors journal, indigenous Australians were found to be 3x more likely to vape than non-indigenous Australians.

This might suggest that indigenous Australians largely see vaping as a means of quitting cigarette smoking, considering indigenous Australians are also 3x more likely to smoke than non-indigenous Australians.

This report also concluded that younger Australians were more likely to vape than older citizens, which isn't shocking considering the fact that vaping is a relatively new phenomenon.

The National Drug Strategy Household Project survey also revealed that male Australians were more likely to vape than female Australians.

Unsurprisingly, it also found that smokers and ex-smokers are far more likely to vape than those that had never smoked. Lastly, it found that vaping is more likely to be adopted by those dealing with psychological stress. 

Australia's State Of Vape

The National Drug Strategy Household Project provided a lot of useful data that Queensland's Addictive Behavior journal used to conduct the report that gave us the information above.

Considering the restrictions, the rate of vaping in Australia might be surprising to some. However, many assume that these statistics allude to the idea that vaping rates would skyrocket were those restrictions lifted.

Additionally, many Australians suspect that lifting these restrictions could greatly benefit the Australian smoking population.

Australia, like many countries, is still coming to terms with the legal implications of vaping. It's new territory for everyone, and only time will tell whether these restrictions will be lifted, left alone, or expanded upon.

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