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How Long Has Vaping Existed?

These days, it seems as though everybody is vaping. In recent years, it is a trend that has well and truly taken off, going from something that was relatively obscure and unknown to an activity that has its own dedicated, worldwide community and following.

The History of Vaping

While vaping may have only properly taken off in recent years, it is far from being a new "hipster" fad that will die an almost certain death. In fact, vaping as a practice can be traced all the way back to ancient times and the modern way of doing it, using an e-cigarette, to the 1960s.

"Vaping" in Ancient Times

Many different tools, methods, and practices have all had their role to play in the shaping of vaping as we know it today. Whilst it is difficult to trace "vaping" back to its ancient roots with absolute certainty, it is clear that certain activities---for instance, Indian shisha or the Egyptian practice of using hot stones to extract vapour from herbs---are points of origin.

The Invention of the E-Cigarette

Herbert Gilbert, an American inventor, filed a patent for the first electronic cigarette in 1963. And, with that, came the e-cigarette as we know it today, sort of---the technology behind it has gotten miles better, however, the premise remains the same.

Gilbert's dislike and wary view of cigarette smoke formed the basis for his invention of the so-called "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette". Indeed, his goal was to create a way for people to enjoy tobacco without combusting it, thereby eliminating the problem smoke entirely.

Unfortunately, despite his patent being filed, no major manufacturers entertained his idea.

The idea of an e-cigarette, for the time being, would lay dormant for several years. Whilst there were several new products and patent attempts between the 1930s and 2000s, none were successful.

A Chinese Revival

40 years later, in 2003, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik created the world's first commercially-successful e-cigarette. Lik reportedly created the device after his father, a very heavy smoker, developed lung cancer and died as a result. This, however, is pure speculation; Lik made no such assertion in his patent applications.

Lik's device was later developed by Golden Dragons Holdings and taken to market but it wasn't until 2006, following several years' worth of testing, that it hit the European market. It was from this point that vaping took the world by storm.

Within the first few years, several new manufacturers had appeared out of nowhere. Each one had their own devices, vaping kits, vape juices, charging systems, and more. Around this explosion grew a community with a worldwide following and, with this growing community, came a higher demand for more---better equipment, tastier juices, and devices that weren’t just for vaping, but for playing games and performing tricks with, too.

Vaping as We Know It Today

Today, vaping is a worldwide phenomenon and millions of people enjoy it day-to-day. It's not just smokers who do it for the health benefits, either---there are plenty of people who vape just for the flavour or the entertainment value.

Although the question of "How long has vaping existed?" is difficult to answer with certainty, vaping's origins in its more modern form go back to the 1960s with the invention of a "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette".

What is certain, however, is that several key developments and events have made vaping what it is today. As we look toward the future, it is exciting to think just what may be waiting around the corner.

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