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Letter To MEP'S On The EU Parliament ENVI Commitee

A fabulous letter written by Professor Gerry Stimson to the European Commission. The Professor has an impressive resume lecturing and working for imperial college London running large sociological and epidemiological studies into addiction. He gives a very clear and rational account of the impact of electronic cigarettes and the way the product should be regulated. He observes the fact that E-cigs have already surpassed sales of Nicotine Replacement Therapies in Europe (this year) and the disruption it is creating for those small number of multinationals who either supply the nicotine or supply the cure to its addiction. He sees the very obvious dangers of regulation as opposed to free market capitalism deciding the destiny of the e-cig. In his view a regulatory medicinal action will create limitations on nicotine containing products making them less attractive relative to cigarettes, limiting availability, increasing the price and severely impacting innovation that would flourish if consumers where given access to uninhibited choice.


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