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53 Leading Scientists Urge The W.H.O To Resist Tight Control Of E-Cigs

Thankfully not all scientists are on the payroll of Big Pharmacy and other parties set to benefit from the strict regulation of E-Cigarettes. A group of 53 leading scientists from around the globe have urged the WHO to take a sympathetic approach to E-Cigarettes as the potential public health prize could be a huge step in the right direction. The World Health Organisation is putting together a proposal to regulate E-Cigarettes and one of the ways they plan to do this is to place them under the same directive as Tobacco products which will mean a ban on advertising, higher taxes, introducing warning labels and prohibiting usage in public places. As Professor Gerry Stinson points out - by placing e-cigarettes under the same regulation the products will be viewed in the same way as other tobacco products - dangerous and risky when in actual fact there is no evidence to suggest this is the case. He stresses the essential point which all opposed to e-cigarettes conveniently fail to mention.


Vaping, of course, has no burning parts and doesn't produce the 4000+ chemicals produced from the combustion process.

Let's pray that the WHO bring in a sensible approach and are considerate to the growing Vaping community!

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