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Is The Most Effective Smoking Cessation Going To Be Sidelined?

As the European Parliament convene to finalise a decision on the way electronic cigarettes are to be regulated Vapers all around the world wait nervously for the verdict. The article compares e-cigs to Snus which has been banned in all EU countries except Sweden which managed to retain its usage when it joined the union. As a result of Snus, Sweden has the LOWEST smoking rates among males and the lowest rates of Lung Cancer and Emphysema. However, Snus has been under repeated attack from researchers funded by Pharmaceutical giants Pfizer.

It appears that electronic cigarettes are worryingly getting the same treatment. Despite the reality that NRT is the most ineffective way to quit smoking compared to e-cigs and snus, pharmaceutical companies have lobbied for the banning of all nicotine substitutes other than tobacco. This gives people the very narrow choice of either pharmaceutical patches or drugs such as Chantix (which is currently under class action due to the hundreds of suicides by recipients).

You can read the full article here.

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