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How To Use A Vape Pen

How To Use A Vape Pen
More and more, both ex-smokers and non-smokers, are turning to vaping as a method to enjoy a huge range of vape juices, and a large number of these people are using vape pens---the natural successor to e-cigs and 'cig-a-like' devices. Vape pens, for those that don't know, are primarily used for the vaping of classic vape juices (both nicotine-based and nicotine-free).

To say that vaping has come a very long way in the last few years would be a massive understatement, as vaping has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

What Is A Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a sort-of e-cig device that acts as a power source. When activated, the vape pen heats up vape juice located in its tank to produce vapour that can then be inhaled. Almost always, vape pens are rechargeable battery-powered devices that are long, slender, and can easily be stowed in a pocket or bag---hence why they are called 'pens'.

It wasn't until around 2010 that we first started seeing vape pens hit the market. Since this time, however, they have grown to become the most popular type of vaping device by far, massively outpacing the classic e-cig.

Vape pens revolutionized the vaping industry by providing a more enjoyable experience through more powerful batteries that last longer, the ability to swap and change cartridges easily, and a more powerful output that improves vapour production and leads to more intense flavours.

The Anatomy Of A Vape Pen

Most vape pens have the same parts. Whilst some will differ slightly and some vape pens may have more features than others, you will generally find:

  • The Battery - This is what powers the device and makes up the long 'stem'.
  • Heating Element - This is what turns vape juice into vapour.
  • Tank or Cartridge - This is where vape juice is stored. Cartridges screw on.
  • Mouthpiece - This is where you draw vapour from with your mouth.
  • Button - Used to activate the heating element and control other aspects of the device such as vaping temperature/voltage.
  • Charging Port - Typically a micro USB port where a micro USB charger attaches.

How To Use A Vape Pen

Another plus of the vape pen is that it is super easy to use. Before you begin, ensure that your device is fully charged and that you have filled it up with some vape juice as per the pen's instructions.

It is likely that your vape pen is button-activated. If it is, then click this button a few times in quick succession to turn the device on. If you don't see a button then your device is draw activated and works when you begin to use the device by lightly sucking in from the mouthpiece.

When using a vape pen that is button-activated, make sure that you only press the button when you are ready to inhale. If you hold the button down too soon and for too long, the vapour could become very hot and this can damage your vape pen. Many pens will cut off after a pre-set amount of time for the sake of user safety and to prevent damage to the device.

To use your pen, simply place your mouth over the mouthpiece and hold down the button whilst drawing the vapour in. You can then let go of the button, move the vape pen out of your way and exhale---using one is that easy… foolproof, almost.

Whilst using a vape pen is easy enough, there are a few tips to be mindful of:

  • Don't take too hard of a drag because this can ruin your hit.
  • New pens may need their buttons pressed a few times to activate them.
  • Avoid filling e-liquid tanks all the way to the top.
  • Don't overdo your vape as this may burn out your atomizer.
  • Read your device's instructions to see if there is a specific safety protocol or button pattern that you must use to activate it.

Vape Pen Features

Many vape pens come as you would expect---a standard device with a single button that is used to activate the heating element and create vapour.

However, some devices come with additional features such as voltage control and airflow vents that can be used to 'customise' the overall vaping experience. At Vaper Empire, for example, our V-Twist Vape Pen comes with both these features.

Using the V-Twist as an example, voltage control allows you to adjust the pen's voltage between 3.2V and 4.8V whereas airflow can be adjusted by opening and closing a small vent. For a more subtle experience with smaller and more discreet clouds, open the airflow vent and tone down your voltage. For a more intense experience and/or to produce the thickest possible vape clouds, turn up the voltage and close the airflow vent.

Vape Pens vs Vape Mods

People often get vape pens and 'vape mods' confused; they are two very different devices.

'Vape mods' are the next step up from vape pens. They deliver the ultimate vaping experience and are designed for advanced vapers. This is because vape mods are extremely powerful and multifunctional devices that are designed to provide the biggest hit and produce the thickest possible clouds while offering a level of customisation that's simply not found anywhere in vaping hardware.

Vape mods often have larger and more powerful batteries, bigger tanks, and a more potent flavour profile. Their component parts (e.g. coils, wicks, etc.) are often different, too.

We don't recommend using vape mods until you have experienced and gotten comfortable with vape pens.

Ready To Buy Your Own Vape Pen?

At Vaper Empire, we have a range of vape pens to suit every type of user. From the simple pens that deliver a basic experience to advanced adjustable pens with variable controls, we have you covered.

We also stock a massive range of vaping accessories, a library of e-liquids, and replacement parts such as coils and atomizers.

As Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of vaping hardware and vape-related products, there is nowhere better to shop. Visit the Vaper Empire online store to learn more about us!

Not sure which vape pen to get? Take a look at our recommendations for the best vape pen for e-liquid, for cloud chasing, for nicotine, and for quitting smoking.
24 November 2019

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