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How To Recycle Used Vape Batteries

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Vaping produces e-waste, often in the form of lithium-ion batteries that wind up in landfills instead of at recycling centres where they can be professionally disassembled, processed, and repurposed. At Vaper Empire, all of the e-cigarette batteries that we offer to our customers are designed to be recharged, allowing for numerous uses throughout each battery's life. Eventually, even rechargeable vape batteries like the ones we stock at our vape shop will reach the end of their life and need to be disposed of properly. But how exactly does one recycle a vape battery? Continue reading to find out.

How To Recycle Your Vape Battery

Recycling centres are ideal locations for recycling vape batteries. That is if you can find one in your area. At a recycling centre, your batteries will be separated, processed, and repurposed, rather than thrown into a landfill where they can create problems. In some countries, there are battery-specific recycling programs run by the government, such as B-cycle.

With B-cycle, batteries can be dropped off at a number of drop-off points. Before you drop your batteries off, make sure to tape the terminals of your batteries in order to prevent fire risk. Next, place them in a glass container and keep the container out of reach of any children. Once those two simple steps are complete, find a B-cycle drop-off point and take your container full of batteries there to be recycled. You will be able to retain your glass container. That's all there is to it. With this simple process, you can make sure that all of your batteries are recycled the way they should be.

Similar options to B-cycle include Planet Ark and Mobile Muster.

Under the right (or perhaps we should say 'wrong') conditions, a vape battery that's carelessly tossed into a landfill can start a fire. Pressure, heat, and physical perforation can cause the electrolyte contained within a vape battery to ignite, causing a fire and possibly an explosion. If the battery is discarded alongside paper or other flammable materials, a small fire could quickly expand to engulf other materials. The result could be toxic fumes released into the air, not to mention contamination of water and soil. To avoid all of this and to help protect the environment that we all share, vapers should be conscious of where they choose to dispose of their vape waste. We recommend a recycling centre if one is available.

Can't find a recycling centre to handle your e-waste? There are other options:

  • Manufacturer
  • Retail stores
  • Municipal waste programs
  • Do it yourself


Some vape manufacturers allow customers to return used vaping devices. If the manufacturer of your device offers this option, you can simply mail them your used device and allow them to take care of the rest. Keep in mind that this is not always an option.

Retail Stores

If you bought your vape at a local store, you may be able to drop your e-waste off at the same store and have them ship it out to be recycled. Check to see if the store where you purchased your device accepts e-waste, such as vape batteries. If they do not, you might be able to find a store other than the one where you purchased your device that does.

Here's a list of just some of the retailers that participate in battery recycling programs:

  • Aldi
  • Battery World
  • Bunnings
  • Officeworks
  • Woolworths

Municipal Waste Programs

Some municipalities have local waste collection and drop-off events that allow residents to recycle their e-waste and hazardous materials. You can either contact your municipality directly or check their website to see if they offer such services.

Do It Yourself

First of all, Vaper Empire does not recommend attempting to recycle e-waste on your own. It is, however, an option for those who are confident in their ability to safely do so. In order to recycle your vape battery yourself, you will need to completely discharge the battery and then wait for it to cool. Once the battery is cool, you will need to submerge it for two weeks in a cold salt water solution, ensuring that the container in which it is submerged is securely sealed with a lid. After that point, you can wrap it in a newspaper and dispose of it in a rubbish bin. However, we recommend sending your e-waste to a proper recycling centre where it will be recycled by a professional.

Batteries that are damaged, such as those that have been submerged in water, can be extremely dangerous. If your battery is damaged or if you suspect that it may be damaged then you should place it in a clear plastic bag and haul it to a recycling centre for proper disposal. Swollen, punctured, and leaking batteries are damaged batteries and should be handled with the utmost care.

Why You Should Recycle Your Vape Batteries

When recycling batteries used with vaping devices, it is possible to recover 95% of the materials used to construct the battery. This includes steel, copper, aluminium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, and lithium. In other words, recyclers can repurpose most of the materials used in the construction of vape batteries.

When recycled, the graphite, cobalt, nickel, and lithium used to construct most vape batteries is transformed into a mixed metal dust that can then be repurposed to manufacture new lithium-ion batteries. These types of batteries are not unique to vaping devices as they also find use in smartphones, cameras, laptops, power tools, and more. Repurposing these materials helps cut down on landfill waste and ensuring that they are recycled properly reduces risks of hazards including contamination and fire.

At Vaper Empire, we strongly recommend that all vapers recycle their vape batteries.

Where To Buy Reusable Vapes

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