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How To Clean Your Vape

If you have been using your vape for a little while, it is probably due to a bit of a clean. But, you're hesitant. We get it. You don't want to damage or break your sleek, shiny vape but. However, at the same time, your vape has gotten a little dirty and grimy and your vaping experience is suffering as a result (we've all been there)!

So, if you don't know how to vape---we were all newbies once upon a time, don't worry---then carry on reading; you will find all the information that you need in here.

If you want to get the most out of your vape and keep it working in top condition for years to come, looking after it properly with thorough maintenance and cleaning is key. By doing this, your vape won't just last a long time but you will get the best flavour from your e-liquid, too.

Breaking Down a Standard Vape

Before you go taking apart your vape, it is important to know its anatomy. For the purpose of this article, we are going to assume that you are using a vape pen, vaporiser, or sort of pen-style device. These are generally made up of the following components.

  1. The tank that holds your e-liquid. This is usually paired with your atomiser.
  2. The coil, which is a heating element. It converts e-liquid into vapour.
  3. The battery, which is the power source of your device. Sometimes, batteries can have temperature controls.

If you are using a vape mod (or "box mod") then the battery is typically larger and contained within the mod's housing. This depends on the device in question, though.

It is very easy to take apart most vaping devices. More often than not, it is simply a case of twisting, pushing, and unscrewing a few components. They are designed to be accessible for the purposes of cleaning, refilling, and swapping out components.

When Should I Clean My Vape?

The answer to this is "it depends".

If you stick to one e-liquid religiously, you won't need to clean out your vape as often as somebody who has a selection of different vape juices. This is because vaping best practice dictates that each time you change your e-liquid flavour, you should clean out your vape (simply by rinsing it under some running water in most cases) to avoid messing up the taste.

If you have used a particularly pungent vape juice (we're talking CBD juices, etc) then using rubbing alcohol to completely get rid of any residual taste will be needed.

Whether you use one or one hundred vape juices, though, there comes a time when you will need to clean out your device. It is something that's unavoidable.

You will know that it is time to give your device a clean when:

  • When you notice a change in quality (e.g. flavour and/or output)
  • When you can see dirt and gunk that has built up in the device
  • When your hits don't feel as smooth as they once did
  • When you need to take harder pulls

… there are lots of signs. Often, as with most things, you need to use your common sense. With a regular, planned cleaning regime or schedule, you won't need to do any guesswork and you will always have an optimum vaping experience.

How to Clean a Vape

Fortunately, cleaning a vape is a very quick and simple process. You don't need any special tools and it will be over quicker than you think.

The advice given here is general advice that should apply to most devices. You should always check your own device's instructions before performing a clean.

We recommend cleaning your tank each time you change e-liquid for maximum flavour… we've all made the mistake of not doing so, though, and getting back-flavour of the last one you used.

Cleaning the tank is very simple and it can be done in multiple ways. To do so, simply detach the tank from your vape, dispose of any e-liquid and then clean with one of the following options:

  1. Rinse it under clean, running water.
  2. Use high-proof pure alcohol and cotton balls. Give it a good scrub before rinsing.
  3. Use baking soda with a toothbrush.

For methods two and three, make sure you thoroughly rinse the residual alcohol or baking soda off under clean, running water. Method one is sufficient for a quick rinse when changing flavours whereas two and three are best for dirty tanks or tanks that have had a very strong and potent e-liquid used in them.

Once you have cleaned the tank, dry it off with paper towels.

Cleaning Vape Coils

It isn't just in the tank where dirt and gunk can accumulate---it often happens in vape coils, too.

Cleaning coils works in the same way as cleaning your tank. The best way to do it is to rinse the coil under hot running water to wash away any debris or residual half-heated liquid. You can use rubbing alcohol too (but not baking soda!)---just ensure that you rinse it all off and let the coil dry.

Coils can be a tricky one, though---no matter how well you clean your vape, you will eventually need to replace your coil. The more you use your device, the more frequently it will need replacing.

You can differentiate a dirty coil from one that needs replacing quite easily, though. If:

  • Your coil is visually dark, burnt, or damaged
  • You get a "burnt" taste after cleaning your device
  • You are having leakage issues
  • Less vapour is being produced

Then your coil probably needs replacing. Replacing a coil in a vape is very easy and there are plenty of video guides available on YouTube.

On the Subject of Coils…

If you are in need of a new vaping device, accessory, coil, e-liquid, or anything else vape-related, we are guaranteed to stock it in the Vaper Empire online store. We are Australia's premier vaping products retailer and have products to suit every customer.

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