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How To Clean An Atomizer

Your vape, whilst being an incredibly simple, easy to use, and low-maintenance device does need some TLC every now and then. Just like most other things with electrical or mechanical parts, it needs cleaning in order for it to remain in a good working condition and for you to avoid frustration and a lacklustre vaping experience.

Whilst some vapes have components that can be tossed out and replaced, including the atomizer itself, many can be cleaned and we recommend doing so for not only the cost savings but for the benefit of the environment, too---the only reason to throw out a perfectly good but dirty atomizer instead of cleaning it is laziness.

If you have noticed that your vaporizer isn't working like it used to and that its atomizer is looking a bit worse for wear, it probably needs a good clean.

Why You Should Clean Your Vape

It's not just your atomizer that should be cleaned fairly regularly, your vaping device should be, too. Learning how to properly clean and look after a vape will not only save you money in the long-term, but it will also ensure you have a consistently positive vaping experience.

When your vaping device is full of gunk and dirt, it cannot operate as normal and this can have an impact on everything from device lifespan to flavour delivery.

How to Know When Your Atomizer Needs Cleaning

When your atomizer needs cleaning is subjective and can be hard to judge---there is no pre-defined or recommended period of time, and it can be hard to see whether your atomizer has gotten a bit grimy (unless it's really bad!)

There are a few tell-tale signs that you should watch out for, though.

If you notice that your vape isn't producing as much vapour as it used to, this is one of the first and most common signs that your atomizer is in need of a clean. Leftover residues and build-up stick to the coil and stop e-liquid from being heated up.

Another sign of a dirty coil is your vape having a funny taste. This can be your favourite e-liquid tasting 'off' or an unpleasant burning sensation or aftertaste. This happens because the atomizer is burning the dirt that is attached to it.

Finally, if your draws feel tighter or more restricted then this could be a sign that dirt and residue have built up inside your atomizer's airflow chamber.

Knowing the signs and when to take action is usually obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people ignore them. If you fail to act, you could burn out your atomizer---this will mean that it needs replacing because no amount of cleaning will bring it back!

Atomizer Cleaning Methods

Wondering how do you clean an atomizer? As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. By which we mean that there are lots of ways to clean an atomizer and we are going to cover some of the simpler and more popular methods that you can use to clean your atomizer.

We recommend cleaning your atomizer at least once a week, particularly if you use lots of different vape juices or use your vaporizer daily or for prolonged periods of time.

Method #1: Using a Q-Tip (Cotton Bud)

For very quick wipe downs where there isn't a huge build-up of dirt and grime, using a cotton bud dipped in alcohol (isopropyl alcohol, that is, not your fruity ciders or vintage rums) will do the trick.

Cotton buds are very soft, delicate tools that will not cause damage to the atomizer's coil when light pressure is applied. Still, you need to be careful because it can break easily. Simply dip the cotton bud in your alcohol and gently rub around the atomizer where you can see dirt and grime. Remember to swap out your cotton buds as they become soiled.

This method works best after every few uses when the dirt and grime built up hasn't hardened. If your atomizer is caked in muck, you will need to try something else.

Method #2: Soak the Atomizer

Perhaps it has been a week or two since you last cleaned your atomizer (or maybe you've never cleaned it!) and the dirt has built up into a solid mass that won't budge, something which is making your vape juice taste like ash. You need a more intense cleaning method.

This can be used on atomizers with or without coils, however, ensure that you let your coiled atomizer dry out completely before re-using it. That may mean leaving it to dry for half a day or more.

To carry out this method, simply submerge your atomizer in some isopropyl alcohol for 30-60 minutes. This will cause the hardened dirt to become saturated and it will break down and pull away from the atomizer when you wipe it down with your cotton buds.

Method #3: Use a Pin or Paperclip

Soaking in alcohol and using a cotton bud is great for giving your atomizer a wipe down and removing dirt from its coil, however, for dirt and grime that has built up in tight spaces (e.g. the atomizer's airway) then you will need to use something small and rigid to get it out.

Paperclips, pins, and toothpicks are great for this---use it to get into all the tiny nooks and crannies to gently scrape away dirt, wax, and solidified build-up. After you have dislodged and removed some or all the dirt and grime, give your atomizer a good rinse to ensure any small particles or remains are washed away.

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