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How Much Nicotine Is In A Cigarette Compared To A Vape?

Vaporizers were made with the intention of providing a healthier alternative to smoking. Nicotine is the psychoactive ingredient found in tobacco, and in order to make vaping a viable alternative to smoking tobacco, e-liquid mixers usually add nicotine to their e-liquids. Although the vast majority of e-liquids contain nicotine, some of them are made nicotine-free for those that like to vape without it. At Vaper Empire, we carry both nicotine-infused and nicotine-free e-liquids. You can find our complete collection of e-juice flavours on our e-liquid store.

Comparing the amount of nicotine in a cigarette to the amount found in e-liquid can be tricky. There are a few variables that can make the answer vary widely. One such variable is the e-liquid’s nicotine strength. One bottle of e-liquid can contain a lot more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes, or it can contain close to the same amount.

It’s also a tricky comparison to make because the amount of nicotine that you actually consume when smoking a cigarette can vary widely. The average cigarette contains about 12mg of nicotine, but not all of that nicotine actually makes it into your body.

Cigarettes are a pretty inefficient way to consume nicotine because a lot of it just burns away while you’re not puffing on it. In fact, it’s said that when you smoke a cigarette, you’re probably not getting any more than two or three milligrams of nicotine. With vaping, it tends to be a lot easier to measure the amount of nicotine you’re consuming because your vape should only be firing when you want it to.

How Much Vape Juice To Replace One Cigarette?

It really depends on the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. Because one cigarette only gives you a couple of milligrams, it doesn’t take a lot of e-liquid to match a cigarette’s nicotine content. As an example, let’s look at Vaper Empire’s 24mg Vanilla e-liquid. This flavour, like all of VE’s flavours, comes in several nicotine strengths, but for the sake of the example, we’ll be looking at the 24mg bottle.

On every bottle of e-liquid, it should give you a nicotine strength. It’s almost always measured in milligrams, and that number of milligrams depicted is the number of milligrams per millilitre. So a 24 mg bottle of e-liquid actually has 24mg of nicotine in ever millilitre.

With a 24mg bottle of e-liquid, you should only have to hit your vape one or two times to get the same amount of nicotine that you’d get from a cigarette. With a 12mg bottle of e-liquid, two or three hits should replace the amount of nicotine that you’d get from a cigarette, but it all depends on how big of a hit you take. If you get a 6mg bottle of e-liquid, you’ll be vaping a little more to replace a cigarette. Three or four big hits might get you there, but you’ll probably need closer to five or six.

What Do You Need To Start Vaping?

There are only a few essential things that you need to start vaping. First, you’ll need a vape battery. Some vape batteries come with refillable e-liquid tanks, while others use replaceable cartridges (or cartomisers) instead. In addition to a battery and a tank, you’ll need some e-liquid. Luckily, Vaper Empire has some of the best e-cigs and e-liquids available.

You can even save yourself some cash by getting one of our deluxe starter kits. It’ll include your e-cig and everything else you'll need to start using it, including e-liquid. You end up paying a lot less for all of that than you would have if you purchased the e-cig and e-liquids separately.

Do E-Cigarettes Contain Tobacco?

E-cigs use something called e-liquid. E-liquid is a liquid mixture that often contains nicotine, and it’s used in conjunction with a vaporizer as an alternative to smoking tobacco. People often assume that e-liquid gets its nicotine from tobacco, but tobacco often has nothing to do with the e-liquid’s creation process.

E-liquid mixers very often use freebase nicotine (nicotine made in a lab) in their e-liquids. There are devices that vaporize dried tobacco, which are known as heat-not-burn devices, or HNB for short. These are not the same as vapes and where they differ is in the fact that they heat actual tobacco, as opposed to e-liquid.

What’s In E-liquid?

E-liquid is usually made with at least two of the following ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring, and nicotine. E-liquid is mostly composed of either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.

The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are used as the base of the vape juice. E-liquid is usually made with a combination of the two, but some only use one or the other. Most e-liquids contain nicotine, but there are nicotine-free e-liquids made specifically for those that prefer to vape without it. At Vaper Empire, we offer both.

How Much Does Vaping Cost Compared To Smoking?

The initial purchase of a vaporizer can seem like a lot, but e-cigs quickly pay for themselves. Vaping is generally a lot less expensive than smoking. Switching will likely save you some money, but the amount that you’ll save depends on how much you smoke.

The average pack of cigarettes in Australia costs around $25, and if you’re smoking a pack per day, you’re spending about $750 on cigarettes every month. A month's supply of e-liquid, for someone that smokes a pack per day, will only cost around $60. That means that switching could potentially save you about $690. The savings will be different for everyone. Luckily, Vaper Empire has a savings calculator that’ll tell you how much you’ll save every month by switching to vaping.

How Much Does an E-cigarette Cost?

E-cigarette prices can vary depending on what kind of vaporizer you want to buy. One of Vaper Empire’s premium e-cigs can cost anywhere from $85 to $125. You’ll end up paying less for one of our more basic pen-style vaporizers such as the Vantage Series, but a more powerful unit like the Vibe Series will cost about $125.

If you’re looking for a new e-cig or a new bottle of e-liquid, Vaper Empire carries the best premium e-cigs and premium e-liquids online. Browse our luxurious selection of e-liquid flavours and e-cigs options on our online store.

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