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How Much Are Vape Pods?

Vaping is always changing. It seems that manufacturers are always trying to bring brand-new vaping systems, accessories, e-liquids, and other products to market --- and that’s a great thing for vapers!

One of the newest entrants to the vaping market is the vape pod, a sort of ‘middle of the road’ device between basic e-cigarettes and more powerful vape pens. These have gained attention for being easy to use while still delivering a high-quality experience.

Here’s everything that you need to know about vape pods, including how much they cost.

What is a Vape Pod?

As the name may lead you to guess, a vape ‘pod’ device is an e-cig that makes use of a ‘pod’ that is usually detachable. This replaces the standard tank and/or atomiser found in other devices. At the basic level, they do the same job: they hold the e-liquid until it is vapourised so that vapour can be delivered through the device’s mouthpieces.

However, they are often much smaller than most vape tanks --- typically holding between 1ml and 3ml of vape juice --- because they are usually designed to be used and then discarded and replaced by a new pod.

Other components of a vape pod are similar to those found in other vapes. Their batteries are similar to that of a standard vape pen, only they're often shorter and a bit more compact. Of course, as with most vaping hardware, the specifics differ between different brands and manufacturers.

How Much Are Vape Pods?

Vape pods are similar in price to other vaping devices. The exact price will depend entirely on the device in question --- some vape pods are more ‘high-tech’ than others, for example. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The higher-end devices are far more likely to last for the long-term than the cheaper ones.

At Vaper Empire, you can get a full vape pod starter kit for $59.99. This comes with a rechargeable pod device (the battery) and three e-liquid pods. For an extra $30, you can get the deluxe starter kit which comes with nine pods instead of three.

Cheap Vape Pods

At Vaper Empire, we only sell premium vaping products. However, we do understand that our customers love saving money, which is why we offer all of our customers the option of buying our VIGGO vape pods in bulk. Customers can choose between our 6-week pod kit, which comes with 12 pods for the price of 9, or our 3-month pod kit, which comes with 24 pods for the price of 18. That's 6 free pods on us when you buy our 3-month VIGGO vape pod value pack.

How Do Vape Pods Work?

The defining characteristic of a vape pod is the e-liquid pod. This holds your e-liquid in place of the tank or atomiser that you would typically find in a vape mod or vape pen.

These devices are sometimes referred to as “all-in-one” systems because they include everything that you need to start vaping: the cartridge which has its own wick and coil, and e-liquid. With vape pods, there is no need for you to attach or replace coils, wicks, or atomisers because the whole device is self-contained. The atomiser inside of the pod contains the wick and coil, eliminating the need for time-consuming replacements and maintenance.

This is where the differences between vape pods and other devices such as vape pens stop.

In terms of functionality, vape pods work in exactly the same way as vape pens and box mods --- the wick draws e-liquid from the pod where it is held until it is heated up by the coil and turned into vapour.

How Much E-Liquid Can Vape Pods Hold?

That depends entirely on the pod system; different manufacturers produce pods of different sizes which hold different amounts of e-liquid.

As a general rule, vape pods will hold anywhere between 1ml and 3ml of e-liquid. This is enough for regular vape sessions that aren’t particularly long-lasting. If you are a heavy user, however, you may find that you quickly burn through your pod’s e-liquid and have to replace it more often.

The typical user will find themselves replacing their pod once a week, twice tops. Heavy vapers may find themselves doing this every other day.

At Vaper Empire, our VIGGO Series vape pods are designed to last the average user multiple days. Each pod contains 1.8ml of premium e-liquid with nicotine salts. We also offer nicotine-free pods that contain no nic salt.

In comparison Vape Pod Pros vs Cons

Here are the basic pros of using vape pods:

  • Compact --- Pods are a lot more compact. This makes them ideal for people who value discretion, portability, and ease-of-use.
  • Simple --- Speaking of ease-of-use, the pod design makes them a lot simpler to use than vape pens and box mods. Simply click a pod into place and begin vaping. There's never any need to screw or unscrew anything from the vape. With the VIGGO pod system, the pod is held in place magnetically, making it simple and convenient to attach and detach.
  • Affordable --- Pod systems do vary in price, however, they are often affordable and tend to work out a whole lot cheaper than current vape pens and box mods.

There are a few cons to consider, though:

  • Batteries --- Because pod devices are a lot smaller, their batteries are, too. This means they can’t always be used all day without having to be recharged. Our VIGGO Series is an exception to this rule, offering enough battery power to last the average user multiple days with a single charge.
  • Clouds --- If you’re somebody that likes to produce thick vape clouds, the pod system, again, isn’t the ideal choice; it is less powerful than vape mods and produces less vapour. For vapers who aren't doing tricks like blowing vapour rings and enormous clouds, this typically isn't an issue or so much as an area of concern. For most vapers, pod vapes are more than sufficient, providing ample vapour with relative ease.
  • Nicotine --- Pods work better with higher nicotine level e-liquids. This isn’t ideal if you’re wanting to use low-nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquids. The Vaper Empire VIGGO Series pod vape is an exception, as it works well with higher nicotine concentrations as well as with no nicotine at all. VIGGOpods are even available in nicotine-free strength and they work exceptionally well.

Want to try Vape Pods?

At Vaper Empire, we stock our own vape pod hardware alongside a huge range of other vaping products including vape pens, cig-a-likes, accessories, e-liquids and more. All orders are processed and shipped out to mainland Australia within as little as three-to-five business days thanks to our partnership with DHL Express.

Visit our online vape store for all of your vaping needs.

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