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How Does Propylene Glycol Measure Up To The 4000 Chemicals In Tobacco?

As you may or may not know currently, Vaper Empire uses E-Liquid that contains Propylene Glycol (PG). This is the main ingredient absorbed into the lungs, as opposed to 4000 chemicals inhaled when smoking a conventional cigarette. A recently published research article explores the toxicology profiles on various types of glycols with varying molecular structures including Mono/Di/Tri/Propyl. The results are very interesting as according to the data not one of the glycols tested revealed any evidence of mutagenic, carcinogenic or developmental/reproductive toxicity potential to homo-sapiens (humans). Any pathology that was noted far exceeded the concentrations adopted for the research guidelines or alternatively were involved in mechanisms that are irrelevant to human physiology. In conclusion, the current safety evaluations of the USEPA, FDA, ATSDR, and NTP for these particular compounds adhere to the fundamental conclusion that propylene glycols present an extremely low risk to human health.

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