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Good News: Vaping Does Not Stain Teeth

Good or bad news for Dentists? Vaping does not stain teeth.

British American Tobacco Scientists just released their newest study that suggests vaping does not stain human teeth at all. As we know, smoking stains teeth and does it quickly. It’s usually called ‘nicotine stain’ but it’s actually caused by the tar in cigarettes which causes white teeth to turn yellow or brown depending on the amount of exposure.

The study involved using a ‘puffing robot’ to create smoke or vapour against the teeth over the course of 14 days. It showed an extreme discolouring of the teeth when using cigarettes, almost an intense brown but no change at all with the vape as the chemicals that create this effect from smoking are absent in the vape e-liquids.

This adds yet another reason for smokers to switch to vaping. Does this mean good news for dentists who care about oral health, or bad news because they won’t have as much work? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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