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How To Get More Vapour While Vaping

One of the biggest issues that first-time vapers run into is a lack of vapour output. While quitting smoking is the main goal for many vapers, many still desire the entertainment factor that goes with puffing thick, dense clouds of e-cig vapour. The appeal of this only grows for some vapers as many vapers grow accustomed to vaping and vape culture, and they look for ways to increase their output as much as possible.

Depending on your device, you may be able to get started producing thicker clouds right away. Even if you don’t, there are a few things you can do to make noticeable improvements.

Producing Thicker Vape Clouds

The good news is that producing more vapour output and creating thicker clouds is easy and can be done by mastering two things: more vapour production and your overall technique.

These are not the be-all and end-all factors, though. The more powerful your device, the thicker the clouds it will be able to produce.

To that end, if you are wanting to blow out thicker clouds but only have a basic, entry-level device, it may be worth considering an upgrade to something more powerful such as the Vaper Empire Vibe Series or a powerful pen such as the Vaper Empire V-Twist Series.

Want to try to get more vapour while vaping from your current device? Try following some of these tips!

1. Increase your device’s wattage

If more e-liquid is being vapourised, then more vapour is going to be produced. This is a pretty simple concept, however, to vapourise more liquid, you need to up the wattage on your device. This heats up your coils more and burns more juice at a quicker rate.

The only problem here is that you run the risk of burning out your coil, so do this carefully. Don’t whack it up to full blast right off the bat. If you do not own a vaping device with variable voltage control, we recommend taking a look at our own Vaper Empire V-Twist Series. This device has full voltage and airflow control for a completely customisable experience. As an alternative, you may be interested in our new VIGGO Series pod vape, which offers three voltage settings to choose from.

If you are increasing voltage, we recommend putting it up incrementally so that your vape coil has a chance to get used to the new temperature. We also recommend priming your device to prevent damage.

2. Increase your device’s airflow

For the best level of vapour production, you should look to increase your device’s airflow. In general, the more air flowing over your coil, the more vapour will be produced. More airflow also means that your vape’s coil will be cooled down, reducing the chance of it burning out.

Again, you generally need a device that includes airflow control in order to do this. The Vaper Empire V-Twist features this functionality alongside variable voltage control.

3. Use a high-power device

Again, this tip is pretty basic. If a device has more power (i.e. a bigger battery that is able to deliver more power to the coil so it reaches higher temperatures), more e-liquid will be heated up more quickly, leading to a much higher amount of vapour production.

While there are plenty of vape pens that are high power, including our own V-Twist and Vantage pens, we recommend box mods and devices that support low resistance coils and larger batteries. An example of a product that fits this bill is the Vaper Empire answer to a ‘vape mod’, the Vibe Series.

4. Use an e-liquid with more VG

Even with a lower power device or a device with no control over airflow and voltage, it is still possible to achieve higher vapour output by using a more suitable e-liquid. There are plenty of differences between PG and VG e-liquid, or e-liquid that uses more of one than the other.

Vape juice that is heavy in VG is much better for vapour production because it is a thicker juice, however, you need a good wick to get the most out of VG liquid because it does not soak into it as well as PG juice does.

At Vaper Empire, all of our e-liquid is formulated to achieve optimal results. For the best vape liquid, use Vaper Empire premium e-liquid with all of your devices.

5. Change how you breathe when vaping

Are you a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung type of vaper? These are the two types out there!

If you are the mouth-to-lung type, you may want to switch up your vaping technique. Inhaling directly to your lungs, by not holding the vapour in your mouth, you will get the most vapour out of your device. When inhaling directly into your lungs, do it very quickly and take it straight down to your lungs by breathing in deep, then exhale as normal.

You may be the mouth-to-lung type without even realising it, so assess how you do it.

6. Use a better atomiser or tank

For the best vapour production, it is a good idea to lean towards better, more high-quality tanks that are designed for this. We are talking about sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomisers, and dual-coil atomisers here. Our V-Twist vape pen employs an advanced dual-coil atomiser, which, when combined with its variable voltage and adjustable airflow features, allows for optimal vapour production with minimal effort.

Sub-ohm tanks are more suited to people who want to dive right into creating thick clouds whereas rebuildable options are best for advanced vapers who want the ultimate control over their vaping experience.

This tip is more for experienced vapers who are looking to progress to the next level. As a newbie or beginner, you don’t need to worry about custom builds or sub-ohm equipment just yet.

7. Draw slowly when you inhale

Instead of taking quick puffs, take a long, slow draw on your device. Doing so will allow your vape to produce nice, thick vapour of a density that you would otherwise not be able to achieve by taking a quick puff. This little trick is used often by vapers that want to maximize the density and amount of vapour that they're getting from their device without changing their e-liquid or adjusting their device settings.

Need New Vaping Equipment?

Whether you are a newbie vaper looking for their first (or a better) device or are an experienced vaper who needs something a little more powerful, there is no better place to look than here at Vaper Empire.

Not only do we have a blog and website packed full of valuable resources like this article, but our online store also has everything you need to make the most of your vaping experience.

Our products are some of Australia's most loved vaping products and we have everything from traditional cig-a-like e-cigs to vape tanks, accessories, vape pens, pod vapes, and an entire library of e-liquids that include all the flavours you can think of and more.

Check out the Vaper Empire online store to find out more.

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