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Some Of Our Favourite Vaping Success Stories

It's no secret that vaping has helped countless people kick a lifelong cigarette addiction. Here are some of our favourite vaping success stories:


Adrian, a smoker for 50 years

Vaper Empire customer Adrian Coatman was a smoker for 50 years before trying vaping two years ago after watching a documentary on television. His documentary led him to Google search vaping, and he stumbled upon Vaper Empire. Since making his first order, he's never looked back. He feels "100% better health-wise". Prior, he had tried endless marketing ploys to quit smoking, and nothing worked until he tried vaping.

Rick, saved a lot of money vaping

Rick Simmons was a smoker for 10 years before finding Vaper Empire online via a Google search. He decided to make an order and has since been vaping for three years. He's noticed a huge difference in his savings and feels a lot more healthy since he's been vaping. He also has a lot of positives to say about Vaper Empire products and customer service.

Richard, whose son got him into vaping

Richard Shillabeer's son found Vaper Empire online and convinced his dad to try it. Richard had smoked for almost all of his life before. Now, Richard rates Vaper Empire products and customer service as 100% and has been vaping for over 2 years.

Marian, who has smoked 50 of her 69 years

Marian was a long-time smoker before her daughter introduced her to Vaper Empire after finding the website online. After four years of using Vaper Empire E-liquids and E-cigarettes, Marian feels so much better in her physical health.


These personal stories were gathered by our customer service team. If you have a vaping success story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it! If you have friends or family who you think could benefit from vaping as these people have, consider sharing Vaper Emire with them so they can perhaps realise a success story of their own.

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