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Our favourite E-liquid combinations

Here at Vaper Empire, we love to mix our deliciously flavoursome e-liquids together to make unique flavour combinations. Here are some of the best combinations we've tried so far:

Watermelon and Apple
Combining two of our favourite fruity flavours seemed like a great idea. And it was. It tastes like a refreshing cocktail on a cruise ship. It's divine! If you love sweet, fruity e-liquids, then you need to try this.

Coffee and Vanilla
It almost seems too obvious to combine everyone's favourite caffeinated beverage with a dash of sweet, sweet vanilla goodness. The result is like a delicious vanilla latte, a coffee hit with a sweet finish.

Vanilla and Coconut
Fancy a tropical getaway? This delicious combination of sweet vanilla and tropical coconut together will instantly remind you of paradise.

Apple, Watermelon and Mango
Thinking of going a little more complex? Why not mix three fruity flavours together and try this irresistible blend? The combination of mango, apple and watermelon is sensational.

Vanilla and Butterscotch
This combination is like warm butterscotch pudding with classic vanilla ice cream! The result is absolutely delicious.

Tobacco RY4 and Vanilla
Tobacco RY4 is already a lovely blend of Tobacco, caramel and vanilla, so adding some vanilla e-liquid would be a nice, sweet hit.

Coconut and Cherry
Who doesn't love a sweet Cherry Ripe? The fusion of coconut with cherry will instantly remind you of the sweet chocolate bar.

Butterscotch and Coconut
This sophisticated dessert blend is unbeatable for when you want something sweet but unique. This is definitely one of the best flavour combinations to try.

Tobacco and Vanilla
Tobacco fan but want something a little different to the classic hit? Try mixing it with vanilla for a sweet twist!

Coconut and Mango
If you're a fan of tropical flavours, try the coconut e-liquid with mango. It's a really nice tropical combination.

Cappuccino and Butterscotch
Enrich your delicious cappuccino e-liquid by adding a dash of sweet butterscotch. The classic flavour enhances the smooth, coffee flavour. 

Cola and Red Energy
Like Red Bull and Coke? Then you will love this flavour combination together.

Cola and Cherry
More of a cherry coke fan? Then mixing cherry e-liquid with cola will be perfect for your taste.

Cherry  and Blueberry 
If you fancy a rich and dark fruit blend, try cherry and blueberry e-liquids together. You may be pleasantly surprised by this combination.

If you love menthol, then we recommend trying these combinations together for a fruity twist on the cool menthol hit:

Menthol  and Apple
Menthol and Watermelon
Menthol and Cherry
Menthol and Blueberry
Menthol and  Mango

Does anyone else have any amazing combinations they've tried? We'd love to hear them.

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