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EU Chooses Corporatism On E-Cigarettes

A great article that explains what’s happening in Europe and guess what?? It's not Good! The article briefly explains what is coming and it appears that heavy lobbying and European Parliament secret meetings with Big Tobacco have created a non-competitive environment for the E-Cigarette industry.

As all vapers know the E-Cigarette industry is a consumer lead revolution, it wasn't formulated by big tobacco or any other big multi-national, it started small and has grown organically from individual vendors due to the popularity of the product. However, the strict regulatory framework being introduced in May ‘16’ makes it almost impossible for small vendors to survive (due to very high costs) handing the industry over to you know who! The big pharmaceutical industries and Big Tobacco.

The regulations will involve the abolishment of Tank systems, bottled e-liquid and E-cigarettes will return to the dark ages. Innovation will almost stop. It's in the interest of Big Tobacco to see e-cigarettes fail so why would we hand over the responsibility to them?

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