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Editor's Choice: Spring E-Liquid Flavours

Keen on finding that perfect springtime flavour? While our flavours are all epic all year round, we find these flavours particularly delectable in Spring.


How could we leave this one off of the list? A menthol and mint blend that is perfectly refreshing and ideal for springtime. Brodie said that "This is a great liquid and if you have multiple tanks I'd say a must have in your rotation. Really clears the palate and leaves a fresh taste behind. Smells like Allen's Minties and I love it."

A smooth blend of bilberry, kiwi, and pear. Perfectly fruity and so much like a perfect springtime fruit salad. One customer said "The cactus flavor is very unique, it's unusual but goes down nicely and smells amazing! Maybe not my all day vape but definitely nice for something different."
Crisp, sweet and with a hint of tartness, our Apple E-liquid tastes like it was just plucked from the tree. Jackie said "A refreshing apple taste, not too sweet or overpowering. Nice and smooth. I really enjoy this one."
A classically tropical taste sensation, Vaper Empire’s Coconut E-liquid brings the flavour of Far North Queensland to your vapouriser. "This flavour depicts the true entirety of the coconut. Breathed out through the nose you will have the sensation of smelling the textured brown outer layer of the coconut whilst breathed in through the mouth you will taste the sweet and nutty inner layers with a tinge of the leafy green stem. This is my review of Vaper Empires coconut flavour, in a nutshell, it is amazing. I'd also like to add that I have shopped around and these flavours are second to NONE with their quality and truth to taste."
Vanilla custard with caramel. The sweet but perfect blend of sweet flavours is ideal for an after dinner treat. "My favourite flavour and I have tried 6 of the Classics and 6 of the Artisan. This one is the go-to, smooth and delicious and smells great!" - Mark.
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