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Editor's Choice: Our Favourite E-Liquids

Editor's Choice: Our Favourite E-Liquids

Looking for some new e-liquid or something for your first order with Vaper Empire? These are our top picks, our favourite e-liquids here at VE. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We'd love to hear all about your favourites:


VANILLA E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

Vanilla, a classic flavour, works perfectly as an E-liquid. It's subtle, sweet and is an obvious choice to start with if you're not sure where to begin. It has that deliciously familiar taste of french vanilla ice cream. Yum! Perfect for with your coffee in the morning, after dinner or anytime you need a hit of something sweet.

VELVET ELVIS - Artisan Collection

This unique flavour combination is unforgettable. The combination of bubblegum, skittles and gummi bears will take you back to being a kid in a candy store! You will adore this sweet sensation as you vape in.

BLUEBERRY E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

If you like juicy blueberries and fruity flavours, then the blueberry e-liquid is the perfect choice for around the clock. Perfect for with an afternoon cup of tea. It instantly brings back memories of a pavlova at Christmas or an apple and blueberry danish from the bakery. A beautifully fruity e-liquid.

SPRING IN SIBERIA - Artisan Collection

If you're looking for something super refreshing, then the combination of menthol and mint in the spring of Siberia e-liquid will do just that for you. Perfect for when you need a blast of something icy fresh.

COCONUT E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

If you love the tropical taste of coconut, then this flavour will be the perfect addition to your collection. It's sweet and bright and will instantly remind you of palm trees, warmth and beaches! If you are in need of a mid-winter pick me up, then this is it.

DEATH VALLEY NECTAR - Artisan Collection

Perfect for midsummer, this refreshing combination of kiwi, pear, bilberry with the unique flavour of cactus. Reminiscent of midsummer festivals in the middle of nowhere, this flavour will surely impress you.

COLA E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

One of the most classic flavours of drink is now an e-liquid. Paying homage to the sweetness of the original cola, this flavour is sure to take you back.

BUTTERSCOTCH E-LIQUID - Classic Collection

This beautifully buttery e-liquid is the perfect replacement for your post-dinner cigarette or dessert. If you want something healthier than those alternatives, the classic butterscotch will be the perfect fit for your e-liquid collection.
24 August 2017

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