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E-Cigs More Effective For Quitting Smoking Than Counselling Alone, Study Finds

According to the American College of Cardiology, e-cigarettes are far more effective for quitting smoking than counselling alone.

This revelation, which was published at the end of March, follows a clinical trial and study where smokers who received counselling to quit smoking and used e-cigarettes containing nicotine were found to be more than twice as likely to successfully quit altogether in contrast to those who received counselling alone but did not use e-cigarettes.

The Canadian Study

The research study enrolled 376 individual participants from all across Canada. Participants were on average 53 years old and had smoked an average of a pack per day for around 35 years. All those involved were identified as motivated to quit, with over 90% of the individuals having previously attempted to quit via smoking cessation medications and/or behavioural therapies in the past and, of course, failed.

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One-third of the participants were placed in a group that received nicotine e-cigarettes and one third received non-nicotine e-cigarettes. The individuals in these groups did not know which type they were using. The final third was assigned to the group where only cessation counselling was provided. All participants involved received counselling, around 100 minutes’ worth over the course of the 12 weeks, and those with e-cigarettes were told that they could vape as much as they felt was necessary.

Progress was reported via three phone calls and two in-person clinic visits during the 12-week treatment period. To ensure that none of the participants had smoked cigarettes, breath tests were administered to test for carbon monoxide. Those who passed the breath test were identified as having successfully quit. The researchers also accounted for whether the participants had at least reduced their total cigarette consumption per day in comparison to their total consumption at the start of the study.

Quitting Smoking In 12 Weeks

In as little as 12 weeks of the clinical trial, 21.9% of the participants who had used nicotine e-cigarettes were able to quit smoking altogether. This is in comparison to 17.3% of participants given non-nicotine e-cigarettes and 9.1% who only received counselling. This means that overall, the participants were 2.4 times more likely to ditch the dirty smoking habit than those who did not use e-cigarettes at all—a brilliant result.

“These findings show that nicotine e-cigarettes are effective for smoking cessation in the short term,” said lead study author Mark J. Eisenberg, MD, MPH, a cardiologist at the Jewish General Hospital, professor of medicine at McGill University. “Vaping with counselling is more effective than counselling alone, although it’s not a magic bullet for smoking cessation.”

Although the study has now ended, the researchers will continue to collect data for 12 months, with the last follow-up due by September of this year. This research data will help paint a clearer picture of whether e-cigarettes are a successful long-term cessation product or whether the effects are merely felt in the short term. It may also help provide some clarity on the health front, too.

Why Vaping Works

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One reason and perhaps the most important reason that so many people are able to quit smoking by vaping is because of the nicotine present in nicotine e-cigarettes, which are filled with nicotine-containing vape juice. Vaping also provides a similar sensation to smoking as e-cigs produce an inhalable vapour that is, in some sense, similar to tobacco smoke. However, while the vapour produced by e-cigs may appear to be similar, it is actually quite different. For instance, e-cigarette vapour does not contain any tar, which is more than can be said about tobacco smoke. So while different, both e-cigarette vapour and tobacco smoke contain nicotine, which is certainly an important factor for cigarette smokers who are trying to switch to vaping in order to quit smoking.

While not all vaping devices resemble the cigarettes they aim to displace, cig-a-likes do. Cig-a-likes, a type of e-cigarette, are often similar in shape and size to conventional cigarettes. Some cig-a-likes, like our very own V-Pack II Series, even come with portable charging cases that resemble a cigarette packet. For this reason, cig-a-likes appeal to some smokers who are trying to quit smoking. And they don't just appeal, they work! As electronic nicotine delivery systems, cig-a-likes are one of the many types of vaping devices that deliver nicotine to users via vapour, making them a suitable alternative to cigarettes.

By replacing a harmful cigarette with what Public Health England has found to likely be an at least 95% less harmful alternative that contains nicotine, an e-cigarette, many people find that they are able to satisfy their nicotine cravings that they would otherwise have turned to cigarettes for. Over time, this begins to dampen the ‘urge’ to smoke a cigarette until it has disappeared completely, at which point the person has successfully quit. It is not uncommon for those quitting to start vaping with strong nicotine e-cigarettes and then gradually reduce this strength as their cravings become more manageable and less intrusive.

Are You Ready To Quit Smoking?

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