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E-Cigarettes At The Mercy Of Bureaucrats! Financial Review

Another great article in the Financial Review giving a frank summary of the Backward attitude of Australia's Bureaucrats has been published. Many of us are working out that key Public Health Officials in Australia are condemning Australia's nicotine-addicted population to a simple choice - Quit or Die! Whilst E-Cigarettes are thriving throughout Europe and the United States converting long-term smokers to a less harmful alternative, Australia appears to be doing everything possible to restrict people's choice. We know that Tobacco will kill 2/3 smokers so why wouldn't we give people the option to a product that appears to be exponentially better for them??

It's ironic that the exact components of E-Liquid (along with a collection of other chemicals including nicotine) are used to Nicorette's 'Quickmist'! This is available over the counter but Nicotine E-Liquid is prohibited.

Thanks to the Financial Review for posting a great piece. They put it beautifully - if our Bureaucrats had been in charge throughout history their reasoning would have banned every innovation before it could become popular, from the wheel to the internet. We would truly be in the Dark Ages.

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