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E-Cig Propaganda Examined By Dr Gilbert Ross From The ACSH

Here is a nicely written article by Dr Gilbert Ross, executive director of the American Council For Science and Health (ACSH). It is a very pragmatic view on the benefits of E-Cigarettes and the media circus that accompanies this groundbreaking technology.

In the article, Dr Ross He focuses on the reality that Nicotine substitutes are largely ineffective and that E-cigarettes are beginning to make a dent in the widespread use of tobacco. He also covers some very disturbing developments in the United States amazingly coming from Public Health officials and bodies.

Redefining the words 'smoke' and 'tobacco' to place E-Cigarettes in line with conventional tobacco is particularly sad considering E-cigarettes produce neither smoke nor involve the use of tobacco. As we have mentioned in other articles on this blog there appears to be protectionism concerning the huge tax revenues created from Tobacco sales and loss of this revenue is creating an unjustified response to the way E-Cigarettes should be regulated. Let's hope that sense prevails and smokers are finally able to embrace an alternative that works and is far less harmful.

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