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The Doctor Speaks: Dr Farsilinos Gives Us The Science & Facts

Dr Farsilinos (cardiac specialist) is a very popular man amongst the vaping community because he is dedicated to 'REAL' legitimate research on vaping and continues to gather support for reputable trials that are giving us the facts on Vaping.

Thanks to the age of the internet, most of the funding has been supplied by vapers and small vendors who want to know the truth - not research funded by big pharmaceutical companies that dictate the results depending on their agenda.

This man is probably the leading expert on vaping currently and has some important views on the propaganda surrounding Vaping.

He describes how research (including his own) favourable to the vaping cause has been manipulated by renowned scientists to debunk vaping and in turn, have been picked up by the media who have used it to discredit the industry.

He also makes it clear that the attack on vaping is unjustified as it has never claimed to be 100% healthy but a safer alternative to smoking a fact that the media and governments have failed to understand.

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