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A Discussion With The CEO

Here's a taster of a discussion that was completed by the founder of Vaper Empire

Why did you decide to found Vaper Empire?

Vaper Empire was founded over 2 years ago simply by providence. Luckily an e-cigarette was presented to myself well before they had even begun to show signs of any popularity and straight away I was blown away by the potential of the product. As a smoker, I could not believe that finally there was an alternative to tobacco and one that was exponentially more appealing. As I discovered more flavours I instinctively knew that vapour products would eventually replace tobacco and subsequently bet my life savings on it…

Why should we switch to electronic cigarettes?

If you’re a smoker then the switch to e-cigarettes is certainly the smart decision. There are two key reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a harm reduction product. No one is suggesting that e-cigarettes are 100% healthy but all scientists and public health officials are in agreement that compared to tobacco, e-cigarettes have to be less harmful purely because of their simple ingredients and mode of action (heating over burning). The second reason for switching is a financial one. Many people are crippled by the cost of their nicotine addiction and this restricts them from many of the goals they would love to achieve because they are forced to buy expensive tobacco. An average vaper saves approximately $4000 a year – imagine the extra freedom that comes with a saving like that.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about e-cigarettes that still exists wrongly today?

There is ONE very simple misconception about e-cigarettes; that it has been created by Big Tobacco companies. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Vaping has grown organically from very small independent firms (like Vaper Empire). No major advertising budgets have pushed the product into the public arena. Uptake has happened simply through word of mouth and recommendations. Only recently has Big Tobacco begun to get involved as they finally realise that they need to try and control the spread of electronic cigarettes. However, they have no incentive to see e-cigarettes take-off so their involvement may be more about slowing and impeding growth and development by buying major e-cigarette manufacturers. Only time will tell.

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