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Cig-A-Likes & Pod Systems: Which Is Better For Beginner Vapers?

New vapers who are leaving cigarettes behind and switching to vaping with e-cigarettes are faced with a big question and that question is which e-cigarette to use. Two common choices for today's new vapers are cig-a-likes and pod systems, but which one is better? This guide from the Vaper Empire vape company is here to shed light on these two popular options and help new vapers choose the one that's right for them. With that said, let's get started.

What Is A Cig-A-Like?

The cig-a-like is what many people, especially non-smokers, envision when they think of an e-cigarette. It's a common type of e-cigarette and the first to be introduced to the marketplace. The cig-a-like, as its name implies, is like a cigarette, but not a cigarette. It's a type of e-liquid vaporiser, or e-cigarette, that produces an inhalable vapour by heating the vaping liquid inside of it. What separates it from other types of e-cigs and really what defines it is its cigarette-like appearance. Cig-a-likes are long cylindrical devices that, at a glance, resemble ordinary cigarettes. Hence, where they get their name.

The Best Cig-A-Like For New Vapers

Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit This is the Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series, the best cig-a-like starter kit that Australians can buy.

At Vaper Empire, you will find a range of different types of vaping devices, including our V-Pack II Series. The V-Pack is a cig-a-like and it's one of the best e-cigs new vapers can use to start vaping. Smokers who are switching to vaping will appreciate how similar it is to a conventional cigarette and how easy it is to use. To use the V-Pack, simply attach a cartomiser containing e-liquid in the flavour and nicotine strength of your preference and puff on it like you would a cigarette, only without lighting it first. While it does look a lot like a cigarette in both shape and size, the V-Pack II does not require an external heat source like a lighter. Instead, the heating element is self-contained, and there's no need to press any buttons to get started, just press the mouthpiece between your lips and take a draw.

As the V-Pack II is battery powered, it does occasionally need to be recharged. But with the V-Pack II's portable charging case, recharging your cig-a-like stems on the go could not be any easier. And with room for a spare battery stem in the charging case, there's never any need for downtime as a freshly charged stem can be used while the other is charging.

V-Pack II Series cartomisers are available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, making it possible for new vapers to find the right flavours and nicotine strength to fit their needs.

You can buy the V-Pack II Series cig-a-like kit from our online vape shop.

What Is A Pod Vape?

Years after the first cig-a-likes were introduced, a new type of e-cigarette called a pod vape appeared and quickly became one of the most popular vaping devices in the world. Pod vapes, while fundamentally similar to cig-a-likes, ditch the cigarette-like appearance that is a mainstay of cig-a-likes and aim to deliver improved battery life, higher e-liquid capacity, and superior vapour production. Pod vapes also tend to make use of a type of nicotine called nicotine salt, which is in many ways superior to the freebase nicotine typically found in cig-a-likes.

While not all nicotine salts are the same, nor are all freebase nicotines for that matter, nic salts are often formulated to absorb faster and hit better. In the case of our own nicotine salts, they also provide superior flavour.

All of this comes at a cost though, and that cost is a slight increase in overall device size. While pod vapes are often considered highly portable, they do tend to be slightly bigger than cig-a-likes.

In addition to all of this, pod vapes sometimes include features not typically found in cig-a-likes, such as variable voltage.

The Best Pod Vape For New Vapers

Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape This is the Viggo Series pod vape system from Vaper Empire, the best pod vape on the Australian market.

A pod system should be easy to use and work well. At Vaper Empire, we offer one of the best pod vapes on the market, the Viggo Series. With the Viggo, vapers have before them an incredibly easy to use pod system that's small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and powerful enough to last all day and then some. Our Viggo pod system uses its own brand of vape pods known as ViggoPods, which are available in various flavours and can be purchased with or without nicotine.

The Viggo Series pod vaping system is equipped with variable voltage technology, allowing users to control their voltage by choosing between three preprogrammed voltage settings.

Viggo is one of our most popular vaping devices to date. It's perfect for new and seasoned vapers alike. With its long-lasting battery, quick recharge time, and powerful vapour production, it's easily one of the best pod vapes there is.

You can buy the Viggo pod vape from our online store.

Which E-Cigarette Type Is Best For New Vapers?

Cig-a-likes like our V-Pack II Series are a great place to start for new vapers who are switching from smoking to vaping because they provide a similar experience without the smoke. However, some new vapers will simply require more from their e-cigarette than what cig-a-likes can offer, which is where pod vapes like our Viggo Series come into the picture. If you need something more powerful than a cig-a-like and are comfortable with the idea of using an e-cigarette that's not shaped like a cigarette, then we recommend getting started with our Viggo pod vape. It provides ample vapour, plenty of battery life, and it's available in a wide range of flavours to fit your palate.

You can buy both the Viggo and the V-Pack II from our online vape shop. We ship all orders express and we deliver to customers across New Zealand and Australia.

If you need help deciding which vaping products are right for you, contact our customer support team by telephone at 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377) or email [email protected].

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