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  • The 10 Worst Holiday Destinations For Vapers

    So there are many places that restrict vaping use. Whether they confiscate vape equipment on arrival, dish out fines or their usage results in jail time, it's so important to know the vaping laws of whichever country you are visiting when you're on holiday.

    Here are 10 countries that ban vaping:

    1. Thailand: Unfortunately, the beautiful, beachy location has some of the worsts strictest vaping laws, with penalties up to 10 years!
    2. Singapore: Singapore is a small yet incredible country with amazing food! Unfortunately, like gum, vaping is illegal in Singapore.
    3. Egypt: You may want to see the pyramids, but you, unfortunately, can't take your vape pen with you.
    4. Columbia: Columbia also won't allow vaping, unfortunately, with most of South America joining in on having bans on vaping.
    5. Mexico: Mexico doesn't allow vaping either, so best to stick to the rest of North America if you're planning on bringing your favourite device with you on holiday.
    6. Indonesia: Vaping is banned here too. Exercise caution.
    7. United Arab Emirates: E-cigs have been banned since 2009 in the UAE, and any vaping gear is seized at the airport if you attempt to bring it into the UAE.
    8. Turkey: Allegedly, the sale of vaping products and eliquids is banned here, so it's a bit of a grey area. Do your own research and exercise caution.
    9. Brazil: Tourists in Brazil are warned against smoking e-cigarettes. The country banned them back in 2014 and will fine you for having vaping products.
    10. Belgium: Technically vaping friendly but their laws are quite tough. Do your research and proceed with caution.

    Countries where vaping is allowed:

    You're safe to vape in England. In fact, it's encouraged by the government in the UK. Here are a few more great holiday destinations for vapers:

    North America
    Czech Republic
    South Korea
    New Zealand

  • Most Delicious Flavour Competition Winner Is...

    Due to the overwhelming response to our "most delicious flavour" competition, we decided that there should be more than one winner! Our lucky runners-up will receive coupons for being part of this competition.

    There were so many incredible flavour suggestions, we were overwhelmed by having to choose just one- they all sounded so delicious!

    We decided to choose our favourite flavour submissions that we could actually make (watch this space!) and had our Facebook community vote for the best flavour ideas. And the results were as follows:

    1.8% voted for Hazelnut Latte - Mith Lukham
    8.9% voted for Turkish Delight - Jo Wilson
    12.5% voted for Cheesecake - Ben Webster
    14.3% voted for Fruitloops - Bobby Potter
    26.8% voted for Salted Caramel - AJ Sherwood/Kevin Guijarro McCann

    And finally... 35.7% voted for GREEN APPLE MINT! Kristian Kier is our lucky winner of 8 x Vaper Empire E-liquid Flavours!

    Congratulations also to the runners up who received a coupon code for their efforts.

    We shall reach out via Private Message to all the finalists to arrange your prizes soon.

    If you'd like to take part in competitions, be sure to like our Facebook page to stay in the loop on all things Vaper Empire.

  • Our Favourite Vaper Empire Reviews

    We love knowing that our products have changed lives for the better, put smiles on faces and most importantly, helped people take a step towards a healthier life. Here are some of our favourite Vaper Empire reviews from our amazing customers. *Note, spelling and grammar have been corrected for clarity only.

    "Your products are awesome, delivery times great and the staff when you send inquiry respond really quick! Have recommended to many friends already." - Kerri

    "So I've had my Vantage Series V5 for 5 weeks now and not a single problem. Every time I call customer service they are very helpful and polite, not to mention their speedy callbacks or responses. Great product and I would recommend it to anyone starting his or her vaping adventure and road to a healthier and cheaper future." - Tim

    "I will never go back to cigarettes again. Vaper Empire is amazing, and their Artisan oils are absolutely delicious!  I am VERY happy with this company and its products and highly recommend them."Lyd

    "Never would have believed how easy it has been to stop smoking using the Vantage. I love the fact that my clothes and hair don't have that horrible tobacco smell and my perfume is still there at the end of the day! I have now converted 3 friends and my son and his wife to the Vantage." - Jo

    "I have been using my vaporiser for 6 months now and haven't touched a smoke since and don't want to either. I hate the smell and sight of cigarettes now. No more smell, ash, butts and daily expense. I am saving a fortune and will never go back to cigarettes, thank you so much vaper empire, I am now a non-smoker but a true vapour! I forgot to mention I have smoked a packet a day for 35 years." - Yvonne

    "Like many of you, I had tried many e-liquid brands which you know from the very first vape if the taste is suitable. After trying an unimaginable amount of flavours, through vendors across the globe, I had almost opted to return to smoking! That was, until - I tried Vanilla from Vaper Empire. Classic, smooth, mildly sweet, incredible on its own or even blended with another flavour, Vanilla is it! I love it." - Tony

    Be sure to leave your Vaper Empire reviews when you receive your next order- we would love to know what you think of your new device or e-liquids!

  • The Best Place To Get Vaper Empire Discount Codes

    There are several ways you can score amazing deals on Vaper Empire products, but there are three main ways to do so that you need to get on top of, especially if you're a loyal fan to the Vaper Empire brand. So if you're keen on Vaper Empire discount codes for kits, e-liquids and more, look no further. 

    1. Follow us on Facebook 

    Chuck us a like on Facebook and under "Following" be sure to select "See First" or turn your notifications on for the best chance of seeing promotions and competitions. We regularly love to give back to our fans and enjoy hosting competitions on our Facebook, so be sure to head over there and follow us.

    2. Join the Vaper Empire society

    Join our inner circle via e-mail to receive special offers and news directly to your inbox. We'd love to have you as part of the VE family and keep you up to date with discount codes, promotions, new products and more. Click here to join us!

    3. Join our affiliate program

    Our affiliate program is designed to reward our valuable brand ambassadors. It doesn’t necessarily mean discount codes, but it DOES mean commissions. Plus, custom coupon codes are available on request as well. If you think you have what it takes and would like to apply, click here to see more details and send through your application. 

    So there you have it! Three great ways to get Vaper Empire vape coupon codes, special offers and earn commissions. If you have any more questions about Vaper Empire, whether it be about our products, changing coils, advice or something else, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team here, they would be happy to help you with all things Vaper Empire.

  • Popular 2018 New Year's Resolutions From Our Community

    We spoke to a whole range of our customers and fans over the first couple of weeks of 2018, and collectively, these were the five most popular new years resolutions.

    Whether or not you agree with new years resolutions or have any for yourselves, we firmly embrace every opportunity to improve ourselves, so we wanted to share the top five resolutions from our amazing community:

    1. Travel more
      Many people wanted to go overseas this year for a good old holiday! Some of the most popular spots were Bali, Europe, Japan and USA. Sounds like a great time to us!
    2. Buy your first house or a new property
      Many of our clients have hopes this year to secure a first home or a new property, which is always a huge investment.
    3. Focus more on health
      Whether it's getting fitter, losing weight or quitting a bad habit, many of our clients are hoping to improve their physical health this year.
    4. Learn more
      Whether it be learning a new skill, doing a course or undergoing some training, a lot of our clients want to give themselves an edge in their careers this year.
    5. Focus on relaxation
      Interestingly,  many of our clients cited that they would like to be less stressed this year, and cited meditation and making more time for themselves as their resolution for 2018.

    Whatever your resolution is, we wish all of our clients a happy and healthy new year.

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