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  • How To Start Vaping

    Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of vaping? If so, this quick introduction will set you up with all the basics that you need to know about an activity that has taken the world by storm.

    Although vaping may seem intimidating and overwhelming to those who are just starting out, with a few helpful tips, answers to common questions, and the right guidance, you will be well on your way to vaping like a pro in almost no time.

    What is Vaping?

    Vaping is the use of an electronic cigarette (“e-cig”) to inhale an e-liquid ("vape juice") in vapour form. These vape juices come in all types of flavours and can either be nicotine-free or contain nicotine in varying concentrations. The ingredients of these juices usually contain a base substance (either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine) along with flavourings and often nicotine. At Vaper Empire, we manufacture and sell a wide variety of vape juice flavours in varying nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine-free to high strength with various options in between.

    To make vapour from this vape juice, the device uses a heating element called an atomiser. This consists of a porous wick surrounded by a coil heating element. When the coil heats up, the liquid-soaked wick turns the liquid into vapour which can be inhaled and exhaled. Vaping devices are rechargeable using USB charging cables or charging packs, much like a smartphone. You can find various vape chargers for sale in the accessories section of our online vape store.

    Why Start Vaping?

    Every person has their own reason to start vaping, however, for many, the main reason is to quit smoking.

    The U.S. CDC and the U.K. NHS both have reported that cigarette smoking has vast negative effects on health. In contrast, studies into vaping suggest that vaping is likely much less harmful than smoking.

    How to Start Vaping: Choosing Your Hardware

    It is impossible to write a cover-all guide about how to start vaping that everybody can follow to the letter. This is because everybody is different. What you want and need from vaping is entirely different from what the next person wants and needs, and this will have a direct influence on the vaping equipment and supplies that you need to buy.

    However, there are some things that you should ask yourself first:

    • How often do I smoke, and how much?
    • How serious is my smoking habit?
    • How often will I be using my vape?
    • How much do I want to spend on getting started?

    Once you have answers to these questions, you can start looking at vaping kits that fall within your price range. If you are a less “serious” smoker, you may get by on a more basic kit. If you are somebody who smokes a whole lot, you may need a more powerful device to calm your cravings.

    Basic Devices

    Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit The V-Pack II Series by Vaper Empire takes cig-a-like vaping to the next level with a convenient charging case that's 100% portable.

    Your “basic” devices cover the likes of cig-a-like “e-cig” devices and, in some cases, pod systems. Both are extremely easy to use, often requiring little knowledge of vaping to master, making them ideal for beginner vapers. While not as powerful as some of the more advanced systems available, cig-a-likes and pod vapes are great for casual smokers who are making the switch to vaping. While similar to one another, pod vapes often utilize nicotine salts instead of freebase nicotine, making them suitable for heavy smokers.

    While cig-a-likes are generally less powerful than other types of nicotine vapes, their cigarette-like design provides smokers with a level of familiarity that may make it easier for some smokers to switch.

    Intermediate Devices

    Intermediate devices are what people usually graduate on to from basic devices, however, some people may start on them directly. These cover your more powerful e-cigs and vape pens and commonly feature devices with bigger tanks, more powerful batteries, and variable controls like voltage and wattage. They are a good starting point for heavy smokers.

    Advanced Devices

    Finally, we have more advanced devices, commonly called “box mods” or “vape mods”. These devices come with the biggest tanks and most powerful batteries that are capable of pushing through enough power to create thick, dense vapour clouds. They are commonly used by vaping fanatics who like to participate in “vaping games” and tricks. They are not often a good starting point for beginners due to their power and the knowledge required to use them, however, there are exceptions. One such exception is Vaper Empire's very own Vibe Series, which boasts a powerful battery and large tank without the complexity often associated with such devices. With the Vibe Series, all it takes is the press of a button to start vaping.

    How to Start Vaping: Choosing Your E-Liquid

    Vaper Empire Nicotine E-Liquid Bottles Vaper Empire offers vapers in Australia and New Zealand many vape juice flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from.

    Aside from your device, the most important choice is that of which e-liquid you will be using with it. Due to all the choices available, though, this is easier said than done.

    One of the main things you need to consider is what concentration of nicotine it contains, its “strength”. Deciding which nicotine strength e-liquid to buy can be difficult, especially when you are trying to balance enjoyment with your nicotine cravings. This is because many ex-smokers don’t know exactly how much nicotine their bodies have been exposed to on an average day.

    Choosing the right e-liquid with the right nicotine level is essential for getting the best vaping experience, especially if you are just switching over from cigarettes. Choose one that’s too low and it may not quell your cravings, which can potentially lead to a smoking “relapse”. Choose one that is too high and it may be too intense and off-putting.

    Most e-liquids are sold in a range of concentrations. As a beginner, we recommend employing trial and error by putting a range of them to the test so that you can find the right one for your nicotine cravings. As a guide, Vaper Empire recommends the following:

    • Those smoking strong, unfiltered cigarettes should start at around the 30mg/mL to 36mg/mL nicotine strength range.
    • Those smoking “regular’ cigarettes should start at around the 16mg/mL to 20mg/mL nicotine strength range.
    • Those smoking lighter and ultra-light cigarettes should start at around the 6mg/mL to 12mg/mL nicotine strength range.

    Nicotine strength is always clearly marked on the bottle (and, if buying online, on the product page) and tends to go up in sixes from 0mg/mL up to 36mg/mL plus.

    As time goes by and your cravings begin to be less severe, you can start reducing the strength of the e-liquid you use in stages. There are many examples of former smokers who have started all the way up at the higher end of the nicotine strength scale and then gone all the way down to 0mg/mL (nicotine free) e-liquid over time.

  • How To Blow Vape Rings

    Many people take up vaping as a way to quit smoking by replacing cigarettes with a product that can satisfy their nicotine cravings. In addition to ex-smokers, however, there is an entire class of vape user that vapes for the fun and enjoyment of it, and a big part of the vaping community are so-called vaping “party tricks” and “games” that can be used to wow other people.

    These tricks range from the super easy to the super difficult, and one of the most popular of them all is the smoke ring, also called a “vape ring” or “O ring”, which actually originated with smokers. It looks impressive and it is deceptively easy to do.

    Here’s how you can start blowing your own vape rings.

    The Method

    First of all, you will need some form of vaping device. You can make vape rings with pretty much any device that produces a fair amount of vapour. The only type of device you may have trouble with, depending on the manufacturer, are cig-a-likes, also known as basic e-cigs. For the best results, we recommend using a vape pen like our V-Twist Series or a more powerful vape like our Vibe Series to blow vape rings with and for other vaping tricks.

    1. Take a pull on your vape and inhale into your throat.
    2. Press your tongue down and towards the back of your throat.
    3. Make an ‘O’ shape with your lips.
    4. Push a small amount of vapour out using your throat in a pulsing motion.

    That’s it. The size of the O you make with your lips will correlate to the size of the ‘ring’ that is produced. If you want to make bigger, fatter rings then tuck your lips in instead of pushing them out---this is a common mistake.

    If you’re struggling:

    • Keep your lips steady as you’re pushing the small bit of air out.
    • Make sure that your tongue is as far back as possible.
    • Try to push a small amount of air out of your lower throat without taking a breath and without moving your lower jaw. Once you can do this, you should find it easier to make vape rings.

    Advanced Tips for Better Smoke Rings

    If you’ve got the basics down, there are a few ‘advanced’ tips that you can use to blow better smoke rings:

    • Slightly jut your jaw forward to push out the smoke rings faster and farther.
    • Make them look better by curling your lips just as the vapour leaves your mouth.
    • Add some backspin to them by pushing your tongue forward as the vapour is leaving your mouth. When you do this, however, keep the tongue at the bottom of your mouth behind the teeth. Use the middle of your tongue to quickly push the vapour out.

    Common Reasons Why People Can’t Blow Them

    Not everybody has good luck with blowing smoke rings, and it is common for people to initially struggle. Here are four common reasons why you might be having trouble:

    Poor Form

    The most common reason that people struggle to make vape rings is poor form. It is really important to form the right shape with your mouth and push your tongue as far down and back as is possible. This allows enough vapour to get to the ‘O’ shape and make a ring. It also helps to push your lips against your teeth and not pucker too much. It’s all about finding the right balance.

    Poor Technique

    Although applying spin is an optional extra, it really helps. This is because applying spin helps keep smoke rings in shape for much longer. If you simply just blow vapour rings without any spin, the ring will dissipate quickly after it forms, if it forms at all.

    Not Enough Vapour

    If you are not inhaling a sufficient amount of vapour, then there is no way that you’ll be able to make rings from it. This is because the rings are made from lots of vapour. So, if you’re having trouble, check that your tank has enough e-liquid in it.

    Unsuitable Surroundings

    Your environment has a big impact on how successful you’ll find blowing vape rings. If you are in a windy environment, for example, then any rings will be blown away before you can see them. Ideally, you want a calm environment with little-to-no air movement for the best chance of success.

    Wrong Vape Juice

    In some cases, vapers will find that they're simply using the wrong e-juice. Vape liquids that have a higher concentration of VG work better when it comes to performing vape tricks. The reason for this is simple: the VG helps produce larger clouds of vapour.

    While some vape tricksters prefer to use e-liquids that contain only VG and no PG, there are those who use a 50/50 ratio of VG to PG. By some accounts, it's the 70VG/30PG ratio that works best for performing tricks while vaping.

    The Best E-Liquid for Blowing Vape Rings

    At Vaper Empire, we manufacture and sell our own high-quality e-liquid in a range of collections, flavours, and nicotine strengths. All of our e-liquids work great for blowing vape rings, and you can find the full range at the Vaper Empire online store.

  • Vaping Helps Reduce Cigarette Litter

    It is estimated by the New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency (NSW EPA) that 7 billion cigarette butts are littered in Australia each year. They represent the most reported litter item throughout the country, a whopping 20% of all items reported.

    The Cigarette Butt Problem

    The problem with cigarette butts is they are made from a fibrous plastic material that sits in the environment. It does not decompose easily and because butts are small, they can easily be blown away by the wind and cause problems on a wider scale.

    Current estimates are that your average cigarette butt can take up to 12 months in fresh air and 5 years in saltwater to break down. Given that a cigarette butt is full of harmful chemicals that can leach into soil and water, the problem is worse than many people realise. Although it has little impact on humans, the effects on marine life and helpful bacteria are huge.

    Cigarette butts can also be eaten by birds and other animals, and the chemicals from these butts can cause harm. In particularly small animals, they can cause blockages and digestive issues. The problem is so bad that researchers have called for a complete redesign on cigarette butts and harsher punishments for those caught irresponsibly disposing of them.

    How Vaping Helps Reduce Cigarette Butt Litter

    Many smokers use e-cigarettes and vapes to help them ditch the dirty smoking habit, with research from the UK indicating that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. However, it is not just the person’s health that switching from smoking to vaping saves; it helps the environment, too.

    This is because e-cigs and other vaping devices result in more wastage litter than combustible cigarettes. Most vaping devices are reusable and can be reused for many years before they need replacing, and many of the components can be diligently recycled from an old device. It's not just the device, either---vape product manufacturers have gone a long way to making sure that their packaging, including bottles for ‘e-liquids’ and other items, is fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.

    All this means that you are far less likely to find e-cigarettes, vapes, packaging, and other related waste irresponsibly tossed to the side of the road. And even if some questionable individual was to do this, it is much easier to clean up the mess and there is a lower potential for harm to wildlife and the wider environment.

    Recyclable VIGGO vape pods Vaper Empire's VIGGO Series vape pods are recyclable.

    Different vapes and devices create different amounts of litter, though. Some of the most common types are:

    • Disposable e-cigarettes
    • Pod mod devices
    • Refillable devices like vape pens and box mods

    Disposable e-cigarettes are by far the ones that create the most litter. This is because they are what they say they are---disposable. These devices generally last for a few hundred puffs before they need to be thrown away. However, even a trashed disposable e-cigarette saves on the number of potentially trashed cigarette butts because your average disposable e-cig will last for as long as 40 cigarettes.

    Next up the vaping food chain are your pod devices. These are slightly more environmentally friendly because the devices themselves last for a long time and the replaceable pods in closed-pod systems can usually be recycled when they are empty. Our VIGGOpods, for example, are designed to be recycled. These pods themselves will last for several hundred, if not thousand, puffs before they need replacing.

    Finally, refillable devices like vape pens and box mods represent the devices that are the best for the environment. You can get through several thousand puffs with these before components need replacing, the most commonly replaced one being the coil---a small piece of metal that is used to turn the vape juice into vapour.

    Here at Vaper Empire, we offer a range of refillable vapes that allow vapers to reuse tanks and cartridges. You can browse our complete selection of vaping devices on our online vape shop.

  • What Are Vape Pods

    As you may guess from the name, a vape ‘pod’ system is an e-cig that makes use of a ‘pod’ rather than a vape tank or atomiser. When push comes to shove, they do the same job: they hold the e-liquid until it is vapourised so that vapour can be delivered through the device’s mouthpiece. With vape pods, everything shy of the power source is contained within the pod. This includes e-liquid as well as the heating element. Attach a pod to a corresponding vape battery and you're ready to go.

    While the biggest vape tanks can hold as much as 6.5ml or more, pods typically hold somewhere between 1ml to 3ml of e-juice. This less than subtle difference comes as a result of the fact that vape pods are designed to work with highly compact devices known as pod vapes. In terms of size, these devices fall somewhere between a cig-a-like and a vape pen, making them one of the more compact e-cigarette options for vapers today.

    What Is A Pod Vape?

    A pod vape, which is sometimes referred to as a pod device, is a type of electronic cigarette that works with vape pods. A pod vape consists of a battery, which attaches to a vape pod containing e-liquid. Together, the two form a pod system. At Vaper Empire, we sell a pod system known as the VIGGO Series, which takes pod vaping to the next level with variable voltage temperature control and Breathe Easy Draw-Activation.

    Pod vapes set themselves apart from most other types of e-cigarettes through their use of nicotine salts. While high-powered, sub-ohm vapes are designed to work with e-liquids that contain freebase nicotine, pod vapes are designed to work with vape juices that contain nic salts. The big benefit here is two-fold. First, the nic salts are smoother, which makes the throat hit that much more pleasant. Second, they boost your nicotine absorption rate. As a result, pod vapes are great for former cigarette smokers who are making the switch.

    Pod Vape Pros vs Cons

    In comparison to traditional vaping devices, here are a few pod system pros:

    • Compact --- Pod systems are much more compact than vape mods, making them a more suitable option for vapers who don't want to consume much pocket space with their vaping device but still want ample vapour production.
    • Simple --- Pods are extremely easy to use thanks to their relatively simple designs. Many pod systems lack buttons, similar to most cig-a-likes, and instead make use of sensors that detect usage and produce vapour automatically.
    • Affordable --- Pod systems do vary in price, however, they are relatively affordable. For vapers on a budget, this is definitely a good thing.
    • Nic Salts --- Pod vapes work with nicotine salt e-liquids, which is something that many vapes don't do as only pod-style and low-wattage devices are designed to work with nic salt vape juice. This means superior absorption and improved throat hit for pod system users.

    There are a few cons to consider, though:

    • Batteries --- Because the pod systems are a lot smaller than the batteries of box mods and other high-powered devices, their batteries are, too. If you're a heavy vaper that's looking for a piece of hardware that can be used all day without needing a recharge, a pod system might not be the right choice for you. Then again, our VIGGO Series pod vape is powered by a 400 mAh battery that's capable of providing the average vaper with more than enough power to make it through a day of use without a single recharge.
    • Clouds --- If you’re somebody that likes to produce thick vape clouds, the pod system, again, isn’t the ideal choice; vapour production is good, but it isn’t enough to create thick plumes of vapour like you might expect from a cloud chasing mod. However, our VIGGO Series is again a bit of an exception. While the VIGGO might not provide enough vapour to win a cloud chasing competition, it's more than capable of providing thick and potent vapour thanks to its variable voltage system that allows users to crank up the voltage.
    • Nicotine --- Pods work better with higher nicotine level e-liquids. This isn’t ideal if you’re wanting to use low-nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquids, though. Some pods will work fine with these, but they are typically more expensive. The VIGGO, yet again, serves as an exception. Not only are VIGGOpods affordable, but they're also available with and without nicotine and they work perfectly with the VIGGO device.

    How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

    That depends entirely on your own vaping habits. If you are somebody who only vapes casually a few times per day, then you will find that your vape pods last a lot longer than if you are a very heavy user who vapes more often throughout the day.

    Although vape pods deliver a wide range of benefits over other vaping devices like cig-a-likes and vape pens, the trade-off is that these smaller devices simply hold less liquid than larger devices. If you are going to use a vape pod, this is a reality that you will have to accept and accommodate by carrying replacement e-liquid and/or pods. Fortunately, vape pods are typically compact, making it easy to carry a spare or two in a pocket or purse.

    VIGGOpods contain 1.8ml of Vaper Empire premium e-juice. This is enough e-liquid to last the average vaper more than a day.

    Want to try Vape Pods?

    At Vaper Empire, we stock and sell our own vape pod system, the VIGGO Series, which is available for purchase from our online vape store. Our VIGGO Series is available in two kit options, Standard and Deluxe, as well as a standalone device. Both of our VIGGO vape starter kit options come with everything you need to start vaping right out of the box. Each kit includes vape pods in your choice of flavours, of which we have many to choose from. All VIGGOpod flavours are available with nicotine salts in 3% strength or without nicotine in 0% strength.

    All orders are processed and shipped to customers in Australia within as little as three-to-five business days.

  • 6 Best Fruity Vape Juice Flavours

    Your vaping experience starts and finishes with your choice of e-liquid flavour and the quality of it. With virtually unlimited choices and varieties and new ones being made every day, finding the right fruity vape juice is no simple task. For most people, it is a never-ending journey of endless orders from different brands and manufacturers in pursuit of “the one”.

    With all the different flavours and concoctions, it is very easy for people to get excited and lost among them all. However, for many people, finding the best fruity vape juice is all about keeping things as simple as they can be and going back to the classics---tried and tested proven flavours that have remained popular over the years.

    Fruity e-juice flavours have been a favourite since vaping’s inception. Not only is there a range of great, simple flavours available, but their ingredients make them perfect for those that like to make thick clouds.

    6 Best Fruity Vape Juice Flavours

    Due to this popularity, vaping brands have poured millions of dollars into producing fruity vape juices inspired by virtually every fruit imaginable. To keep things simple and aid you in finding the right fruity e-liquid flavour, here’s a look at six of our favourite ones.

    Berry Chill

    The world’s affinity for berry flavours is embodied in the number of manufacturers that include berry flavours in their product line-ups. In fact, it is impossible to have a list of fruit vape juice flavours without something inspired by or related to berries.

    At Vaper Empire, our favourite berry flavoured e-liquid is Berry Chill, which is also perfect for menthol lovers. The e-liquid is a perfectly balanced combination of blackberries and blackcurrants underpinned with cooling, icy undertones. The e-liquid opens with a crisp, fruity, refreshing burst of dark blueberries and blackberries before ramping up into an invigorating yet not too overpowering hit of crisp icy coolness.

    Red Lemonade

    Despite the overwhelming popularity of fruit flavoured vape liquid, not everybody is looking to fill their mouth with sweetness when vaping. Instead, some opt to flood the mouth with a hit of sourness that gets their mouths watering, and this is what our Red Lemonade e-liquid does.

    The beauty with lemon-based flavours, and perhaps the reason why they are so popular, is how easy they are to blend and pair with other flavours. Here, we have created a summertime favourite by combining refreshing, juicy strawberry with a hint of citrusy tang. Red Lemonade has all the features of a classic, cloudy lemonade but with an extra hit of fruitiness.

    Death Valley Nectar

    In the world of fruit e-juice flavours, we are always seeing the classic examples. Strawberry, blueberry, orange, lemon, apple… but what about fruits that you don’t see quite so often such as kiwi, pear, and bilberry?

    These are all examples of firm favourite fruits that we have combined with a hint of cactus in an Artisan Collection blend called Death Valley Nectar. These fragrant fruits, when combined with the delicate flavour of cactus, make for a subtle yet distinctly sweet flavour that is the perfect deviation from the norm that will shake up your vaping routine.

    The Amazonian

    When we say mango and passionfruit, you might think we are talking about the ingredients to a cocktail you might find down at your local bar… but we’re not. Rather, we are talking about one of the most popular fruit vaping juice flavours from our Artisan Collection, The Amazonian.

    Inspired by the dense jungles of Brazil and other parts of South America, this fresh and fruity e-liquid captures the essence of the South American wilderness with its refreshing fruity bursts and its palate cleaning properties. Here, we blend mango and passionfruit with citrus and orchard fruits to create a flavour that you simply will not find anywhere else, period.


    As they say, the classics never die, and one classic fruity e-liquid flavour that has earned its place on any list is the world’s most common and favourite fruit---the apple. Whilst apple may not be the most popular fruity e-liquid on account of its relative subtleness and lack of sweetness, it is still a staple flavour of many vapers.

    Apple flavours pair well with other fruit varieties like strawberry and pineapple, making it super versatile and easy to combine with a whole range of other e-liquids to create bespoke concoctions.


    Watermelon is one of the world’s most popular fruits. Perfect on a hot summer’s day, the humble watermelon manages to achieve a distinctly sweet flavour without being too overpowering, sickly, or tangy. These characteristics carry over well to watermelon e-liquids, making them a popular choice amongst vapers.

    Whether you are looking for an explosion of freshness in your mouth or a dash of sourness, watermelon e-liquid can easily be paired with virtually any other e-liquid going because they do not have an overly unique taste.

    Explore the Rest of Our Collections

    At Vaper Empire, we pride ourselves on producing some of the best fruit e-juice flavours that the world has to offer.

    Concocted by expert mixologists in a clinical manufacturing facility using the highest-quality ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, both our Classic and Artisan e-liquid collections provide an unbeatable vaping experience. What’s more, strict batch control and quality assurance mean that you are guaranteed only the best quality liquid in every bottle.

    Visit the Vaper Empire online store to explore the rest of the collection and some of the other products we have available, like our cutting-edge vape pens and pods.

    More of a menthol e-liquid fan? Then take a look at our guide to the top 5 best menthol e-liquids. You're sure to find something you enjoy!

  • How To Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping

    Nobody enjoys dry hits when they're vaping. If you have ever experienced one, you will 100% know about it. For those who haven’t, it is as if the flames of hell have entered your mouth and done a number on the back of your throat. Oh, and there is absolutely no hint of flavour to mitigate this, either.

    Unfortunately, many people wrongly think that dry hits are just part and parcel of vaping. Many have a mindset where they think that dry rips will regularly happen and that they simply need to accept them. This is wrong… to an extent. Dry hits when vaping can absolutely be avoided proactively for the most part; there is no need to suffer from them.

    What Exactly Is A Dry Hit?

    Dry hits happen when the wicking material in your vape, which is in direct contact with its heating element, is not saturated with e-liquid. This can be down to a wicking issue, a coil that is being run at too high of a wattage, a coil that needs to be changed, or not having enough (or any!) e-liquid in your tank.

    The dry hit happens because the absence of e-liquid means that the wick burns up from the heat produced by the heating element. This causes some combustion to take place which produces smoke, leading to that awful burnt taste and invariably a fit of coughing.

    How To Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping

    It is impossible to totally get rid of dry hits permanently, however. At least not yet. However, it is possible to reduce your chances of experiencing one.

    Check Your Voltage

    If you are experiencing regular dry hits, your first port of call should be to check your device’s voltage, especially if you are using a device with a variable voltage that you control.

    Some coils work better with lower voltages and some work better with higher, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the device you are using isn’t too powerful for the coil. If you are using a device with variable voltage control, learn how to set the ideal voltage level for your vape---there are plenty of resources available online that can help you out with this.

    Check Your Vape Tank

    Dripping Vaper Empire E Liquid Keeping your vape tank topped off can help you avoid experiencing the dreaded 'dry hit' when vaping.

    It may sound a little bit silly… but does your vape tank have any e-liquid in it? An insufficient amount of vape juice in the tank is by far one of the most common causes of dry hits, and we’re all guilty of forgetting to check every now and then.

    Most vape tanks will have a minimum fill line and once your e-liquid dips below this, your vape’s coil will not be able to get enough e-liquid. Trying to use your device when e-liquid is below this line is a sure-fire way to experience a dry hit. If your vape tank doesn’t have a minimum fill line or any other indicator, then make sure that you refill your vape juice tank once it starts to reach the bottom.

    Check Your Wattage

    If your vaping device has variable wattage controls then make sure the wattage you are using is compatible with the coil you are using. Almost all coils will have a recommended wattage, and you can find out what yours is by checking the coil’s packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

    If you run your vape tank above the maximum wattage that a coil can handle, then you run the risk of running into wicking issues where the coil is unable to keep up with the amount of e-liquid needed to keep your wick saturated. This will almost always lead to a dry hit. So… as tempting as it can be to crank the wattage up to maximum, avoid doing this until you know your coil can handle it.

    Check Your Coil

    Replacing your vape coil semi-regularly can help avoid dry hits and a whole host of other vaping problems, too. It can also prevent your device from becoming physically damaged.

    Over time, certain ingredients from your e-liquids, such as sugars and sweeteners, can cause a sticky gunky build-up on your vape’s coil. When this is left there to fester, it can harden into a crystallised mass and reduce the effectiveness of both your vape coil and wicking materials. This directly affects how much e-liquid can reach the wick and the coil and while it will start off by simply dampening the flavour you get, it will eventually lead to dry hits.

    Sourcing Replacement Parts

    Are you in need of a new coil? Or perhaps you are looking for a better quality device that is more reliable to avoid dry hits when vaping?

    No matter what it is that you are looking for, here at Vaper Empire we stock our own bespoke range of high-quality vaping devices, accessories, replacement parts, and e-liquids. Everything is designed in-house and developed at our dedicated manufacturing facilities before it is shipped off to mainland Australia for our customers to enjoy. Visit the Vaper Empire online vape store to find out more.

  • Variable Voltage Vs Variable Wattage

    In the vaping community, particularly among “newbie” vapers, there exists quite a bit of confusion between variable voltage vs. variable wattage. In short, both of these are adjustable settings that control the power output delivered by the battery to a vaping device's heating element - for instance, an atomizer. Some prefer using one over the other whereas some will use a mixture of the two (or neither!) In most cases, it comes down to vaping “experience” and how much control a user wants over their device.

    At the simplest level, variable voltage and variable wattage are simply a case of adjusting one or the other (or both---as we mentioned above) to get the flavour, throat hit, or amount of vapour, and thus cloud production, that you want.

    But First, Resistance (Ohms)

    Before we dive into looking at variable voltage vs variable wattage, it is important to understand resistance in vaping devices, also known as “ohms”.

    An ohm is a unit of resistance. Simply put, the lower the resistance of a vaping device, the more electricity that will flow through it. Increase the resistance level and less electricity will flow through. So, when somebody uses a lower resistance atomiser and more electricity is flowing, the following will usually happen:

    • The coil generates more heat
    • The wick generates more vapour
    • A more intense flavour may be delivered
    • The battery will drain quicker
    • More e-liquid will be used
    • Coil life will be reduced (to as little as a few days)

    When a device is a high resistance one, the opposite to the above will happen:

    • The coil generates less heat
    • Less vapour is produced
    • A less intense flavour is delivered
    • The battery will last longer
    • Less e-liquid will be used
    • Coils will last longer

    Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage Explained

    While resistance plays a big role in the amount of vapour and flavour that are produced, the amount of power flowing through the device and its coil also has a big role to play.

    As we have just seen, you can gain a more intense vaping experience by lowering your device’s resistance. However, the same can be achieved by upping the amount of power that is flowing through it. This can be done by controlling voltage and/or wattage with a battery that includes variable control switches---buttons that you push or press up/down on, or dials that you rotate.

    So, What’s the Difference?

    With variable voltage, you are manually controlling the amount of power that is going through your device from the battery. The amount of energy that is actually output will depend on the device’s resistance level. Essentially, you have a little control but not a whole lot.

    In contrast, variable wattage lets you “tell” the device how much power (wattage) that you want it to output rather than “telling” the device how much power you want to flow through it. The variable wattage feature will then automatically adjust the amount of power going through the device (voltage) to end up with the amount of output (wattage) that you desire.

    To put it in another way, wattage is how much power your vape is producing whereas voltage is how much power is flowing through the device. As you increase the wattage, the voltage also increases and as you increase the voltage, the wattage also increases.

    Does mAh Matter?

    Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape The Viggo Series by Vaper Empire is powered by a 400 mAh variable voltage battery that lasts long and charges fast.

    This is a question that is asked frequently. You have probably seen mAh used on a vape’s packaging. It is used to give an indication of how long a battery will last for. The higher the mAh level, the longer it will last when it is fully charged. How long exactly depends highly on how you use the device---if you are ploughing more power into it then the battery is going to need charging more often!

    In the context of variable wattage and voltage, mAh does not matter so much. Generally speaking, vape batteries that feature variable wattage and voltage control will be higher quality and more advanced batteries that inherently feature higher mAh levels. Be sure to take a look at our new Viggo Series pod vape if you're looking for a high-powered pod system with variable voltage!

    How to Use Variable Voltage and Wattage Features

    As we mentioned above, using both variable voltage and variable wattage is as simple as turning a dial or pressing a button up/down.

    Variable Voltage

    1. Install an e-liquid delivery device (e.g. an atomizer) on your battery.
    2. Find out the resistance level of the e-liquid delivery device.
    3. Cross-reference* this with voltage to achieve the desired wattage (output) level.
    4. Select the variable voltage control option and use the buttons or dial to adjust it up or down until you have achieved your desired taste and throat hit.

    Variable Wattage

    1. Install an e-liquid delivery device (e.g. an atomizer) on your battery.
    2. Select the variable wattage option.
    3. Set the wattage on your device to the desired level.
    4. The device will automatically select the appropriate voltage.
    5. Adjust the wattage level up or down until you are satisfied with the taste and throat hit.

    * You can use a vaping power chart to cross-reference resistance level with voltage. Plenty of these are available online and are standardized across different brands.

    Buying a Variable Voltage Device

    There are plenty of vendors on the market selling their own variable voltage and variable wattage batteries and devices, and ours, Vaper Empire, is one of them.

    Variable voltage devices are the more popular of the two and at Vaper Empire, our V-Twist vape pen device features a 900 mAh adjustable voltage battery, powerful enough to satisfy the needs of newbies and advanced vapers alike. We also sell a huge range of other devices, hardware, and accessories, including our very own ranges of e-liquid, featuring classic and unique flavours blended in-house by our own mixologists.

    To find out more, visit the Vaper Empire online store.

  • How Much Are Vape Pods?

    Vaping is always changing. It seems that manufacturers are always trying to bring brand-new vaping systems, accessories, e-liquids, and other products to market --- and that’s a great thing for vapers!

    One of the newest entrants to the vaping market is the vape pod, a sort of ‘middle of the road’ device between basic e-cigarettes and more powerful vape pens. These have gained attention for being easy to use while still delivering a high-quality experience.

    Here’s everything that you need to know about vape pods, including how much they cost.

    What is a Vape Pod?

    As the name may lead you to guess, a vape ‘pod’ device is an e-cig that makes use of a ‘pod’ that is usually detachable. This replaces the standard tank and/or atomiser found in other devices. At the basic level, they do the same job: they hold the e-liquid until it is vapourised so that vapour can be delivered through the device’s mouthpieces.

    However, they are often much smaller than most vape tanks --- typically holding between 1ml and 3ml of vape juice --- because they are usually designed to be used and then discarded and replaced by a new pod.

    Other components of a vape pod are similar to those found in other vapes. Their batteries are similar to that of a standard vape pen, only they're often shorter and a bit more compact. Of course, as with most vaping hardware, the specifics differ between different brands and manufacturers.

    How Much Are Vape Pods?

    Vape pods are similar in price to other vaping devices. The exact price will depend entirely on the device in question --- some vape pods are more ‘high-tech’ than others, for example. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The higher-end devices are far more likely to last for the long-term than the cheaper ones.

    At Vaper Empire, you can get a full vape pod starter kit for $59.99. This comes with a rechargeable pod device (the battery) and three e-liquid pods. For an extra $30, you can get the deluxe starter kit which comes with nine pods instead of three.

    Cheap Vape Pods

    At Vaper Empire, we only sell premium vaping products. However, we do understand that our customers love saving money, which is why we offer all of our customers the option of buying our VIGGO vape pods in bulk. Customers can choose between our 6-week pod kit, which comes with 12 pods for the price of 9, or our 3-month pod kit, which comes with 24 pods for the price of 18. That's 6 free pods on us when you buy our 3-month VIGGO vape pod value pack.

    How Do Vape Pods Work?

    The defining characteristic of a vape pod is the e-liquid pod. This holds your e-liquid in place of the tank or atomiser that you would typically find in a vape mod or vape pen.

    These devices are sometimes referred to as “all-in-one” systems because they include everything that you need to start vaping: the cartridge which has its own wick and coil, and e-liquid. With vape pods, there is no need for you to attach or replace coils, wicks, or atomisers because the whole device is self-contained. The atomiser inside of the pod contains the wick and coil, eliminating the need for time-consuming replacements and maintenance.

    This is where the differences between vape pods and other devices such as vape pens stop.

    In terms of functionality, vape pods work in exactly the same way as vape pens and box mods --- the wick draws e-liquid from the pod where it is held until it is heated up by the coil and turned into vapour.

    How Much E-Liquid Can Vape Pods Hold?

    That depends entirely on the pod system; different manufacturers produce pods of different sizes which hold different amounts of e-liquid.

    As a general rule, vape pods will hold anywhere between 1ml and 3ml of e-liquid. This is enough for regular vape sessions that aren’t particularly long-lasting. If you are a heavy user, however, you may find that you quickly burn through your pod’s e-liquid and have to replace it more often.

    The typical user will find themselves replacing their pod once a week, twice tops. Heavy vapers may find themselves doing this every other day.

    At Vaper Empire, our VIGGO Series vape pods are designed to last the average user multiple days. Each pod contains 1.8ml of premium e-liquid with nicotine salts. We also offer nicotine-free pods that contain no nic salt.

    In comparison Vape Pod Pros vs Cons

    Here are the basic pros of using vape pods:

    • Compact --- Pods are a lot more compact. This makes them ideal for people who value discretion, portability, and ease-of-use.
    • Simple --- Speaking of ease-of-use, the pod design makes them a lot simpler to use than vape pens and box mods. Simply click a pod into place and begin vaping. There's never any need to screw or unscrew anything from the vape. With the VIGGO pod system, the pod is held in place magnetically, making it simple and convenient to attach and detach.
    • Affordable --- Pod systems do vary in price, however, they are often affordable and tend to work out a whole lot cheaper than current vape pens and box mods.

    There are a few cons to consider, though:

    • Batteries --- Because pod devices are a lot smaller, their batteries are, too. This means they can’t always be used all day without having to be recharged. Our VIGGO Series is an exception to this rule, offering enough battery power to last the average user multiple days with a single charge.
    • Clouds --- If you’re somebody that likes to produce thick vape clouds, the pod system, again, isn’t the ideal choice; it is less powerful than vape mods and produces less vapour. For vapers who aren't doing tricks like blowing vapour rings and enormous clouds, this typically isn't an issue or so much as an area of concern. For most vapers, pod vapes are more than sufficient, providing ample vapour with relative ease.
    • Nicotine --- Pods work better with higher nicotine level e-liquids. This isn’t ideal if you’re wanting to use low-nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquids. The Vaper Empire VIGGO Series pod vape is an exception, as it works well with higher nicotine concentrations as well as with no nicotine at all. VIGGOpods are even available in nicotine-free strength and they work exceptionally well.

    Want to try Vape Pods?

    At Vaper Empire, we stock our own vape pod hardware alongside a huge range of other vaping products including vape pens, cig-a-likes, accessories, e-liquids and more. All orders are processed and shipped out to mainland Australia within as little as three-to-five business days thanks to our partnership with DHL Express.

    Visit our online vape store for all of your vaping needs.

  • Best Pod Vape In Australia

    By now, you have probably heard of vape pods. They correspond with the latest type of vaping device to take the vaping community by storm, the pod vape. Their popularity has grown so rapidly, in fact, that they are becoming one of the most popular vaping products, especially amongst newbie vapers who want an e-cigarette that isn’t excessively powerful or complex.

    What is a Vape Pod?

    A vape pod is a type of e-cigarette cartridge or cartomiser that's designed to work with a relatively new type of e-cig known as a pod vape.

    If you don’t know what a pod vape is, it is basically a vaping device that uses empty or pre-filled “pods” that hold e-liquid. These pods plug or screw into a battery so that the e-liquid can soak into the wick and be vapourised.

    Due to their relatively small profiles, vape pods are super portable and discreet. They are a ‘mid-range’ kind of device that falls between basic cig-a-like e-cig and more advanced vape pens.

    How Are Vape Pods Different?

    It is the pod design that is the vape pod’s defining characteristic. These are used instead of the vape tanks and e-cig cartridges found on vape mods, vaporizer pens, and cig-a-likes.

    Pod systems are sometimes called “all-in-one” systems because they include everything that you need to get going: the pod cartridge with its own coil, wick, and e-liquid. There is no need for you to replace parts like coils and atomisers because everything is self-contained within the pod. All you need to do is occasionally replace the pod.

    Although most pods are usually draw-activated like regular e-cigs are, some come with buttons like those found on vape pens.

    This is where the differences stop. In terms of core functionality, everything is generally the same. The wick is used to soak up e-liquid from the pod. When the wick is sufficiently soaked, a coil heats up e-liquid and turns it into vapour which can then be inhaled and exhaled.

    The Best Pod Vape in Australia

    When it comes to defining what the best pod vape is, many factors must be considered. For Australians and New Zealanders, we believe that there's only one pod vape worth considering and that's our brand new VIGGO Series.

    Introducing VIGGO: Our Own Pod Vape

    At Vaper Empire, we believe that our own carefully designed VIGGO vape pod system is the best of its kind. This innovative pod vaping system is equipped with our Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System, which means that there are no buttons to fiddle with or hold while vaping, and our disposable 1-click connect VIGGOpods that come pre-filled with our proprietary VIGGO Salts e-liquid that is specially formulated for superior nicotine absorption, outstanding flavour, and improved throat hit.

    While many pod vape manufacturers take a one-size-fits-all approach to their designs, we at Vaper Empire opted for a more personalised approach. Which is why our VIGGO pod system is equipped with a variable voltage feature that allows users to choose from three unique voltage settings, customising the vaping experience to match their vapour preference.

    VIGGO users can choose from multiple pod flavours, which include:

    • Tobacco
    • Menthol
    • Creamy Custard
    • Apple
    • Orange Crush
    • Whole Leaf Tobacco
    • Flat White Coffee
    • Caramel Tobacco
    • Blueberry

    You can get your hands on a VIGGO and everything you need to start using it straight away with our VIGGO Deluxe Starter Kit. This includes:

    • 1 x Rechargeable Viggo Device
    • 9 x Viggo Pods (3 x 3-Packs) - Choice of 3 Flavours
    • 1 x Vaper Empire Classic PU Leather Bound Pouch
    • 1 x Micro USB Power Cable
    • 1 x Australian USB Wall Adapter [0.5 Amp]

    How to Use the VIGGO Pod Vape

    To use your VIGGO device, simply remove it from the box. The device should be fully charged out of the box, however, if it needs charging then all you need to do is connect the USB charger to the charging port and plug it into the mains. While charging, the indicator light will be red, and this will change to green once charged.

    When it is charged, remove a VIGGO pod from its protective sleeve and remove the protective contact strip before attaching it to the VIGGO device.

    When sliding the pod into place, you will find that it snaps easily into place as the magnet enclosure activates. In order to use, simply draw through the pod's mouthpiece; the easy-draw system will activate and begin producing vapour immediately. When the pod juice has been depleted, simply remove the pod and replace it with a fresh pod.

    How Much E-Liquid Does VIGGO Hold?

    VIGGO vape pods are high-capacity pods. They're easy to use, leak-free, and contain 1.8ml of premium TPD-tested Vaper Empire e-liquid. VIGGO nicotine salt e-liquid pods come in two strengths (0% and 3%). Nicotine-free VIGGOpods do not contain nicotine. Both strengths are available in various vape juice flavours. Unlike with refillable pods, VIGGO disposable pods do not require their vape coils to be replaced, providing a convenient and hassle-free pod vaping experience.

    How to Dispose of Vape Pods

    Vape pods are generally made of plastic. Depending on the type of plastic and your local refuse facilities, you may be able to toss these right into the recycling bin once you are finished with them. This is something you will have to check for yourself, though.

    To find out which type of plastic your vape pod is made of, look on the side or base for a symbol. These are usually numbers within three-arrow triangles from 1 to 7. Number 1, for example, is polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) and can be widely recycled. Whether your local authority can process it is a different story, however, and you will need to check this for yourself by visiting your local council’s (or equivalent’s) website.

    With more people now taking up vaping, it is more important than ever that we as a community are conscious about the impact our actions are having on the environment. Recycling helps save the environment, which is why we've worked to ensure that all of our VIGGO vape pods are recyclable.

    Ready to Try Out a Pod Vape?

    If you think that a pod vape is the right type of device for you and you want to try one out for yourself then head on over to the Vaper Empire online store and order yourself a brand-new VIGGO device.

    At Vaper Empire, we design, manufacture and retail our own range of custom-made products. Everything we sell is manufactured in a high-quality facility and shipped out quickly to our customers across Australia. We are often regarded as the country’s best vape company, and our brand is recognised by Australian vapers across the continent.

  • When To Replace Vape Pods

    Knowing when to change your pod on a vape pod device is one of the most important aspects of vape pod ownership. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer; it depends on multiple factors that tie into your own vaping habits. Many of us are guilty of perhaps pushing our devices a little too far, however, and this can put your device at risk. By knowing the signs of when to replace vape pods, you safeguard your device and prevent it from burning out or breaking altogether.

    When to Replace Your Vape Pod

    Although it is not possible to provide an exact, 100 per cent correct timeframe for the replacement of your pods --- this depends on both your vaping habits and your device --- the general optimal timeframe is between three-to-five days depending on usage. This is the period of time during which your regular, average user will burn through all their e-liquid. Although, again, this does depend on your device, the amount of vape juice that your pod contains, and how aggressively and often you vape.

    One thing we do not recommend, however, is going weeks with the same pod, even if you haven’t used all the e-liquid. This is because the longer it is left in the pod, the less fresh it will be. This won’t damage your device… but nobody wants stale tasting vapour, right? You may also notice a drop in performance the longer your e-liquid has sat in your device, and you may also notice more crackling and popping as the wick becomes oversaturated with e-liquid.

    So, although three-to-five days may sound a little drastic to those who use their vapes infrequently, it is by far the best guide for changing your pods.

    With the Vaper Empire VIGGO Series pod vape, knowing when to change your pod is easy. VIGGOpods allow you to see exactly how much e-juice is left inside by simply looking at the pod. The transparent design allows you to not only see how much e-juice is left but also what condition the e-juice is in. If the e-liquid inside is just about depleted or if it's starting to look like sludge, then it's time to replace it. As VIGGOpods are not designed to be refilled, simply discard the used pod and replace it with a fresh one. It's as easy that.

    Knowing When to Change Your Vape Pod

    As we said, knowing when it’s time to change your vape pods is one of the most useful skills any vape pod owner can have. To help you out, we have put together a quick checklist:

    1. You Get a Burnt or Stale Taste

    The most obvious sign that it’s time to change your vape pod is if you take a puff and you get a burnt or stale taste. This taste can come in varying severities, and the harsher the burnt taste is --- it’s similar to that of smoking, but far more harsh --- the emptier your pod is.

    When a pod is empty, it causes the heating element to burn out and this can cause irreversible damage. So, as soon as you start to notice the subtlest and slightest burning taste, get your pod sorted out.

    2. Your Vape Juice Looks Darker

    Vape juice can start to look darker over time because of oxidation that takes place when e-liquid comes into contact with the air. While a little darkening is fine, if you can see that your e-liquid is starting to look more like a slimy sludge than a slick liquid then it is time to change it.

    Trying to use an e-liquid that has oxidised to the point it has turned into a sludge will deliver a less-than-pleasing flavour and could damage your device.

    3. Dry Hits and Less Vapour Production

    If you start to notice that despite your best efforts, your vape pod is emitting less vapour, or you are starting to get dry hits that cause you to break out into a coughing fit, your vapour has probably run down to the last few drops.

    Again, to avoid damaging your pod device, replace or refill your vape pod immediately.

    4. Little or No Flavour

    This will usually be something you notice alongside a lack of vapour production and/or dry hits. If the flavour you are used to tasting doesn’t come through the device, and instead you get a stale flavour (or nothing!) then your vape pod could either have run out or its e-liquid has gone past its prime.

    5. Visible Build Up on Your Coil

    Some vape juices contain sweeteners and sugars as flavour enhancers. Unfortunately, over time, these can start clogging up as the sugars caramelise because of the heat produced by the coil.

    This tends to happen more when an e-liquid has gone past its prime because the liquid will be thicker and will take longer to vaporise, therefore giving the e-liquid more time to caramelise when exposed to the coil’s heat for longer.

    What Happens If My Coil Burns Out?

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do once your coil has burned out and has passed the point of no return. The only thing you can do in this situation is to remove the burned-out coil, give your device a clean, and then replace the coil with a brand new one.

    The coil replacement process is very simple and there are plenty of resources online that you can use to learn how to do it yourself. There comes a point where every vaper has to replace their own coil because they burn out naturally over time, so it really is a skill that you should learn.

    E-cig coils are relatively cheap to replace, however, we always recommend buying a coil from the original provider of your vaping device just to make sure it’s a perfect replacement and doesn’t cause damage to your device. At Vaper Empire, we sell replacement coils for all of our e-cigarettes.

    With our VIGGO pod system, there's never any need to remove and replace the coil because it's built into the pod. This means that you're vaping with a fresh coil every time you insert a fresh pod.

    Check Out Our Range of Vape Pods

    At Vaper Empire, we stock a high-quality range of our own brand of vape pods and e-liquids that we've designed based on feedback from our customers. All our products are manufactured in our high-spec facilities by dedicated Vaper Empire specialists. This is why we are often recognised as Australia’s best e-cigarette company --- our products are simply unmatched by our competitors.

    As one of Australia's favourite e-cig companies, we also sell a range of high-quality accessories, starter kits, vape pens, and other products which we ship straight to our customers across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

    Visit the Vaper Empire online store to find out more and begin shopping.

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