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Can Vape Juice Expire?

You are probably here because you have gone to fill up your vape with your favourite e-liquid, only to see that it has expired. You've given the bottle a good shake, examined the liquid, and taken a smell of it and it all seems fine… so, is it OK to use? Can vape juice really go "bad"?

E-liquid expiration date info is actually very straightforward. Just like with regular food and drink, all bottles come with an expiration date stamped on it. These expiration dates can typically be found on the label or a bottle's neck, however, there has been a bit of confusion amongst vapers about exactly what this means.

E-Liquid Expiration Date Info

Is it safe to use vape juice after its expiration date? Does "expired" vape juice taste any different? Does it produce the same amount of vapour?

These are questions that we hear asked time and time again.

Just like expiration dates on foods, those printed on vape juice bottles are mere estimations; they are not set in stone and, more often than not, manufacturers use expiration dates with a very wide scope, just to be on the safe side.

Vape juice expiration dates do not mean that when the clock strikes 12 on the day that the liquid is due to expire, the vape juice becomes dangerous to use. The expiration date merely serves as a reminder to perhaps use up that vape juice quicker than your others, which is why here at Vaper Empire we label our bottles with a "best by" date, as opposed to an expiration date.

Are Expired Vape Juices Bad for Health?

No, they are not---vape juice that has gone past its expiry date has no ill effects. Remember, vape juices are composed of very simple, safe ingredients:

  • Water
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycol
  • Flavourings (natural and/or artificial)
  • Nicotine (except in nicotine-free vape juice)

That's it.

For expired vape juices that you have doubts about, it may be best to simply throw them away. Like other food-grade items, expired vape juices can make you feel nauseous (albeit, this is usually a placebo effect!).

Your valuable vaping time is going to be spent better on using only the best, prime vape juice that has not expired or lost its flavour.

Vape Juice Shelf Life

Most e-liquids will last for a year or two. This is more than enough time (unless you have a lot of the stuff) to use it up.

This is because vape juices' primary ingredients, PG, VG (and often, nicotine) are chemicals that have long shelf lives. When stored under normal and optimum conditions, they will last.

Despite this, many vape juices can be used for several years after their expiration dates. This is because every vape juice is different---it also depends a little on what additives and flavourings are used---and each one will begin to degrade appearance, flavour, and performance at different points in time.

It probably doesn't help to say that it is mostly up to you to decide whether your vape juice has passed the point of no return.

How to Tell if Vape Juice Has Gone Bad

So, given that vape juice is usually fine to consume after its expiry date, how can you tell if one has gone bad? After all, it is a food-grade consumable and whilst it won't harm you, an expired vape juice may not live up to your expectations.

Some of the signs that your vape juice has gone bad include:

  • Liquid that appears more watery than usual
  • Liquid that has separated or is not as viscous as it was originally
  • Liquid that will not recombine when shaken up
  • Liquid that does not smell as strongly as it once did
  • Liquid that doesn't produce the same amount of vapour or have the same flavour

Usually, telling whether or not a vape juice has expired is a case of applying common sense---you can usually tell just by looking at or smelling it.

Making Vape Juice Last Longer

With proper storage, it is easy to make your vape juices last long beyond the date of expiry.

The best way to store vape juice, no matter what brand, flavour, or nicotine strength it is, is to store it in a cool, dark place away from any direct sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, the chemicals in vape juice break down as the liquid heats up and this can cause it to spoil quicker. A tell-tale sign of vape juice that has taken badly to the sun is a change in colour---it will get darker and turn a pale yellow over time.

Of course, it is not always possible to keep your vape juice out of the sun for 100% of the time. Therefore, it is recommended by some that vapers only buying vape juice that comes in dark (brown or green) coloured glass bottles and ensuring that they are tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dark place when not in use. However, glass is fragile and carrying around a glass bottle of e-liquid is not always ideal, which is in part why we here at Vaper Empire opt to use non-glass e-juice containers that won't easily break if accidentally dropped.

Disposing of Expired Vape Juice

If you are sitting on a small stash of expired juices that you are not going to use, there are certain (responsible) ways you should dispose of them.

You can, of course, simply throw the bottles in the trash. The downside here is that they will go to landfill---this isn't very environmentally friendly. Instead, we recommend pouring the vape juice in something absorbent (i.e. cat litter) and recycling the bottles.

Don't just dump it down the drain, though. Nicotine can leech into the waterways and it is expensive for the water companies to filter out.

Need Some New Vape Juice?

If you need some new vape juices because your old ones have expired, head on over to the Vaper Empire online store. All our juices come with long shelf lives in packaging that helps them stay fresh. Both our classic and artisan ranges come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

As Australia's #1 premium vaping brand, we also sell a huge range of vaping devices and vaping accessories, too.

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