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Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane?

Vaping has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years, especially in countries where smoking in public places, such as the UK and Australia, has been banned. Today, there are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who do it.

Since it is still a relatively new thing, regulations surrounding vaping are not quite so clear cut. One area where the vaping situation is clear, though, is air travel---today, the question of whether you can bring a vape on a plane is one that is, for the most part, relatively easy to answer.

In short, you can---but there are some things you need to be aware of before you do.

Bringing a Vape on a Plane

When it comes to bringing your vape on the plane with you, there are a few rules that you need to follow.

Bringing E-Liquids on the Plane

So far as liquids are concerned, the same rules apply to vapers as they do to non-vapers---the maximum volume of liquid you can bring per container in your hand luggage, including e-liquids, is 100ml. The number of liquid bottles that you are allowed to pack in your hand luggage varies, however, it is a small transparent plastic quart-sized bag in most cases.

The good news is that e-liquids don't often come in quantities exceeding 100ml. In many cases, bottles carry up to 30ml at most. If you want to take more e-liquids with you than you are allowed to carry in your hand luggage, you will need to pack it in your hold luggage.

Bringing Vaping Devices on the Plane

The situation gets a little more complicated and deviates from the norms when it comes to vaping devices such as e-cigs and box mods.

The problem here is with batteries---because vaping devices contain lithium-ion batteries, you cannot place them in your checked luggage, only your carry-on luggage. This is the same for all electronic devices.

Even if you have disconnected your batteries and placed them in your carry-on luggage, you cannot place your device(s) in your hold luggage. Any and all vaping devices must go in your carry-on irrespective of whether the battery is connected. This rule is global and applies to all airlines.

Furthermore, you cannot, under any circumstances, charge your e-cig or vape on the plane.

Going Through Security

When you are heading through security, take your vaping device(s) and any batteries out of your luggage, just like you do with liquids, to ensure the speediest process possible. It's always a good idea to keep your device(s) and any batteries in clear plastic bags to keep them safer.

Using E-Cigs and Vapes on a Plane

This should go without saying---you cannot, under any circumstances, use your e-cig or vape on the plane. Doing so is a crime and will not only get you in legal trouble but will also most likely get your name put on a no-fly list.

The best thing you can do is just leave all your vaping devices, accessories, batteries, and e-liquids stowed away in your luggage. There is no reason for you to have them about your person when you are travelling on a plane.

Check Out the Situation Where You're Traveling

It is always a great idea to do your research before you travel to suss out the vaping situation in the country where you are travelling. Although you may be able to enjoy hassle-free vaping in most Western nations such as Australia, the U.S., and the UK, the same cannot be said everywhere.

Some nations may have stricter rules about vaping in public places. Some nations may not allow it between certain times or in certain places or ban it outright. Some nations may be unfamiliar with vaping full stop.

Before you head for your flight, check the legal status of vaping in your destination country and, if it is, where you are allowed to vape. Furthermore, be culturally-aware---try not to be obnoxious with it (what is socially acceptable in Australia may not be acceptable elsewhere!) and be ready for questions from curious locals.

Top Tips for Traveling with a Vape

That may seem like a lot of information but travelling with a vape is actually very simple. Here are three more tips that you may want to take inspiration from.

1. Clean All Your Equipment

Before travelling, make sure to empty out your e-cigs and vapes. Although this is not a requirement for travel, keep in mind that your device will be travelling with you on the plane and that differences in pressure could damage your device if any e-liquid is present, particularly if the tank is full.

2. Put It All in Your Carry-On

Remember, vaping devices and batteries cannot be stowed in your hold luggage. It must go in your carry-on bag. To make sure you don't mess anything up, it's a good idea to place anything that's even remotely vape-related in your carry-on. This includes any accessories and bottles of e-liquid. Make sure that it is placed somewhere that is easy to access so that security may inspect it if they so desire.

3. Take What You Need

If you're only going away on a short weekend break, do you really need to take 3 devices and 11 different bottles of e-liquid? As the saying goes, less is more. Don't try to pack your entire collection of vaping gear as you will just set yourself up for failure. Take one device and a small number of accessories and liquids. Chances are that you won't even use them all anyway.

Looking for Some Travel Accessories?

If you travel a lot, it is a good idea to put together a vaping travel kit. Buy a simple, single device, a few bottles of e-liquid, a few accessories, and a handy bag to pack it all in. This way, you will always be prepared---simply throw your vaping travel kit in your carry-on and you are good to go.

The Vaper Empire online vaping supply store has everything you need to make one of these travel kits---check it out today!

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