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Caltex Owner Ampol Urges Australian Government To Allow Nicotine E-Cig Sales At Convenience Stores

Ampol, the company that owns Caltex and Foodary, has made a submission to the Senate inquiry looking into vaping, urging the Australian Government to allow for e-cigarettes and other vaping products with nicotine in them to be sold at convenience stores across the country.

With over 1,900 Caltex and Ampol locations across Australia, e-cigarettes would become widely accessible to Australian smokers who are ready to switch to vaping, which international research has shown to be much less harmful than smoking.

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In its submission to the Senate select committee on tobacco harm reduction, Ampol urged the government to allow nicotine vaping products to be sold in local convenience stores in the same fashion as cigarettes.

The company noted in its submission that it would be happy to train its staff to recommend e-cigarettes in place of conventional cigarettes in an attempt to help reduce the smoking rate in Australia.

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