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Where To Buy Vape Juice In Australia

As vaping has grown in popularity over the last few years, more and more people have decided to give it a go… however, getting started can be confusing at the best of times. Aside from the typical confusion surrounding vaping itself, all the bits of kit and components you need, and the various vape juice types available, there is something else: where to buy vape juice in Australia.

Australia, unfortunately, is something of an anomaly when it comes to vaping; there have been several attempts at "clampdowns" recently by legislators. This has, unfortunately, confused a lot of folks when it comes to finding out where to buy vape juice in Australia and other vape-related products.

Although the current legal situation is rather confusing (and is not for us to talk about here at Vaper Empire), it is actually very easy to buy vape juice in Australia.

Can I Buy Vape Juice from a Vape Store in Australia?

If you live in Australia and want to buy vape juice that contains nicotine, you cannot just walk into your local vape store and buy it. It's not that simple, unfortunately. This is because of Australia's laws surrounding nicotine.

Instead, you have to buy your nicotine-containing vape juice online from a seller that operates outside the country. There are some restrictions to this and we have outlined these below.

You can buy nicotine vape juice in Australia here at Vaper Empire. Simply place your order here on our online store and we'll ship it directly to you with express shipping, ensuring that all of your vaping supplies arrive on your doorstep in just a matter of days.

Where to Buy Vape Juice in Australia

As vaping has grown rapidly in popularity in Australia, places where you can buy vapes, vape juice, mods, pens, and other accessories have started popping up quickly. Today, there is a huge variety of sellers, both on and offline, stocking their own range of products… to say you are spoiled for choice would be an understatement.

By far, however, the most convenient place to buy your vapes, vape juices, accessories, kits, and other vape-related wares is online. Vape purchases, like most other day-to-day purchases, are largely done online. The market is much bigger and there is a wealth of information available to help you gauge a company's (and their products') quality.

How do you decide where to go, though, with so many different retailers and sellers? It's not as if there's an "Amazon-style" one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You either have two solutions: buy in-store or buy online.

We would always recommend doing your research and looking for a known and reputable retailer (e.g. us at Vaper Empire) that sells high-quality vaping products. Always check for customer testimonials, reviews, and feedback from customers just to be sure, and check Google for product reviews.

Can I Import Vapes, Juices, and Accessories?

Yes, contrary to what some Australians mistakenly believe, it is NOT illegal for you to import vapes, vape juices, and all other vape-related accessories into Australia from overseas.

NOTE, however, that the total product value must be under $1,000 AUD. This is the original total without discounts applied; if you bought $1050 AUD worth of vape products and applied a 10% discount code, reducing the total to $945 AUD, the value of the package would still be over $1,000 AUD in the eyes of Australian Customs officials.

Packages with a value of over $1,000 AUD will attract extra customs fees.

Learn more about importing nicotine vape supplies into Australia here.

How Do I Know I Am Getting a Good Product?

We understand that when you buy online, you cannot ever be 100% certain that you are getting a solid product. This is because you will not get a chance to see or inspect (or try) the product before you buy it.

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous vaping vendors on the internet who rip customers off with inferior products. The only way to protect yourself against low-quality products is to do your research.

At Vaper Empire, for example, we do not just vouch for ourselves---we have a reviews system built into our website that enables customers to honestly rate their purchases. In addition to this, our products have been the subject of several third-party independent reviews by everybody from casual bloggers to vaping experts.

You will be surprised at what a quick Google search can uncover, and this could save you a lot of time and money.

Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

At Vaper Empire, we stock one of Australia's largest selections of high-quality e-cigs, vape juices, accessories, equipment, and other devices. We are a trusted, premier seller that has satisfied thousands of customers all throughout Australia and beyond.

Whether you are an experienced vaper looking for a new vape juice or are a beginner looking for an e-cigarette starter kit, there is no better place to go than our online store.

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