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Big Tobacco And E-Cigarettes? The Game Of E-Cigs

The sudden rise of electronic cigarettes has seen huge interest by Big Tobacco over the last 18 months. The huge international firms are scrambling to establish their own brands of e-cigs after the explosion of sales in the United States and Europe.

Lorillard bought Blucigs last year for $157 million Dollars whilst BAT and Phillip Morris are due to bring out their own versions next year. Although this may appear like a positive that Big Tobacco is embracing change, there is certainly scepticism over their intention. This could be a move to gain a monopoly over the e-cig market by forcing regulation (creating expensive licences only attainable by these Billion-dollar firms) or possibly to get a stranglehold on the industry then effectively wipe it out bringing cigarettes back into the forefront. Only time will tell.

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