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Best Vape Pod In 2020

Pod vapes are relatively new vaping devices that haven’t been on sale for all that long. There are a number of high-quality pod vaping devices available on the market today, and the number of options is only growing as time goes by and vaping pods become more popular among the world's vapers, leaving many to wonder which pod system is best in 2020. This article serves to answer that question.

What Are Pod Vapes?

For those of you who aren’t in the know --- a pod vape is a vaping device that falls somewhere in the middle of cig-a-like and vape pen devices, which, like pod vapes, are types of e-cigarettes. They are small user-friendly devices that make use of a battery plus “pods” that are snapped or screwed into place on it.

Pod vapes are sometimes referred to as “all-in-one” systems because they include everything that you need to start vaping: a pod cartridge, a coil, a wick, and e-liquid. Using a pod is often simply a case of removing the device from the box along with the pod, attaching the pod to the device, and taking a drag (or using a button to activate the heating element on some pod devices --- although, this design isn't nearly as common). Most pod vapes, like our VIGGO Series, simply activate the heating element automatically when the user begins to draw on the device.

In terms of core functionality, pods work in the same way as other devices; e-liquid is soaked up from the pod by a wick where it is held until the coil heats it up and turns it into vapour.

The Best Pod Vape in 2020

Defining the “best pod vape in 2020” is highly subjective. Whilst we appreciate that there are plenty of high-quality products available on the market, it is our own – the VIGGO – that we think is the best. And subsequently, we believe it is our VIGGO vape pods that are the best pods on the market today.

By designing and manufacturing our own products inside of cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, we are able to bring you products that are a cut above the rest; we do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of our vaping products, which is more than we can say for some of the other vape companies that are out there today.

VIGGO Vape Pods VIGGO vape pods are made with Vaper Empire premium e-liquid with nicotine salts. They're available in a variety of flavours and different nicotine strengths.

The VIGGO Pod Vape by Vaper Empire

At Vaper Empire, we have spent a lot of time researching and developing our own pod vaping system, the VIGGO, and its vape pods. VIGGOpods are made with VIGGO Salts, a proprietary nicotine salt e-liquid recipe that delivers the highest levels of satisfaction and a more natural throat hit.

The VIGGO is an innovative pod vape that has been engineered to account for the latest developments in vaping technology. It features our own “Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System” that is used to activate the device. Simply take a drag and you are set --- the device will activate and start to work.

It uses our 1-click connect VIGGOpods that come pre-filled with our own VIGGO Salts e-liquid. These are specially formulated to promote superior absorption, deliver outstanding flavour, and enable you to experience the smoothest of throat hits.

With our VIGGO Deluxe Starter Kit, you can source everything that you need to get started with pod vaping. The Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 x Rechargeable Viggo Device
  • 9 x Viggo Pods (3 x 3-Packs) - Choice of 3 Flavours
  • 1 x Vaper Empire Classic PU Leather Bound Pouch
  • 1 x Micro USB Power Cable
  • 1 x Australian USB Wall Adapter [0.5 Amp]

Best Vape Pods 2020: VIGGOpods

VIGGO Menthol Vape Pods Menthol flavoured VIGGO vape pods are available for purchase on the Vaper Empire online vape store.

One of the biggest benefits of VIGGO vape pods is that they are relatively high capacity when compared to others available on the market. VIGGO pods come with 1.8ml of nicotine salt e-liquid whereas many of our competitors’ pods come with only 1ml.

Our pods are also very easy to use, leak-free, and come in two nicotine strengths --- nicotine free and 3% nicotine. One of the benefits of nicotine salt e-liquid is that a little goes a long way; you don’t need high concentrations of nicotine in-order to satisfy your cravings. Both types of our VIGGO e-liquid pods come in a variety of different flavours, too.

Finally, unlike with some of the other vape pods that are out there, VIGGO disposable pods do not require you to maintain or change any vape coils. Thus, they provide a convenient and hassle-free vaping experience.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Most vape pods, including our own, use a ‘new’ type of e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid (or “nic salts”) rather than conventional “freebase nicotine”. These are specifically designed for lower-power pod vape systems because they vapourise at a lower temperature.

To create nicotine salt e-liquid, regular “freebase” nicotine (which is extracted from tobacco) is mixed with benzoic acid. This acid reduces the pH level of nicotine to make it less alkaline. Not only does this help it vapourise at a lower temperature but it also mitigates the harsh throat “hit” experienced with regular nicotine e-liquid with higher nicotine concentrations while still helping to satisfy nicotine cravings.

Overall, nicotine salts deliver more satisfaction for vapers, reduce cravings, have a smoother throat “hit”, and taste better. We recommend reading this article to learn more about nicotine salt e-liquids.

Owing to being relatively new to the vaping market, there are fewer options when it comes to flavour. As they grow in popularity, however, more and more nic salt e-liquid flavours will start to hit the market. Nicotine salts also have less of a “fun” factor, however, this shouldn’t matter to the majority. Vape pods are designed to deliver a discreet and satisfactory vaping experience; they are not designed for people who want to create thick clouds, perform tricks, or compete in vaping competitions. If these factors are important to you, you will be better served by more advanced devices such as powerful vape pens and box mods.

Want to Try the Best Pod Vape of 2020?

If you think that our VIGGO device is the right one for you and you would like to try it out, head to the Vaper Empire online store where you will be able to order yourself a convenient starter kit that comes with everything you need to start vaping pods with or without nicotine.

At Vaper Empire, we provide vapers down under with access to a wide variety of premium vaping products, including vapes, vape juice, accessories, and replacement parts like coils and refill cartridges. We ship our products to customers across New Zealand and Australia, utilizing express shipping to ensure fast delivery. Our AU-based customer support team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

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