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Which Is The Best Vape For Beginners?

If you're new to vaping, deciding which type of vape to get started with can be a difficult task. After all, vaping isn't as simple as smoking; there's a lot more to it than lighting up a cigarette.

That's because there's a greater degree of choice when it comes to vaping, and it also takes up a little more of your time when you factor in upkeep like charging the battery, cleaning the device, and topping up your e-liquid when it's running low. And this is exactly why choosing the right vape is important, especially as a new user.

Unfortunately, there's no vape that we can point to as the "perfect" one for a new user. The many options and different user needs and preferences make this impossible. That being said, there are two types of e-cigarettes that are popular among new vapers because of their characteristics: "Cig-a-like" and "pod vape" devices.

What is a Cig-a-Like?

Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit The V-Pack II Series is a fantastic vape starter kit for new vapers that are making the switch from smoking to vaping.

A cig-a-like is a relatively basic e-cigarette model that is quite often used by new vapers who want an introductory experience to the world of vaping. The devices are called cig-a-likes because they have a close resemblance in both look and feel to a normal cigarette. This close resemblance, their general affordability, ease of use, and satisfaction make cig-a-likes popular among new vapers, especially former smokers who are switching to vaping.

As a basic model, this e-cigarette is best suited to new vapers who want to ease themselves in. For seasoned and experienced users, the lack of power, control, and versatility may be disappointing. This means that over time, many vapers "graduate" to more advanced devices such as more powerful vape pens with variable voltage and adjustable airflow.

And although the cig-a-like is a relatively simple device, there are a lot of differences between different the devices available in terms of vaping power, e-liquid flavours, shape, size, and more. For example, some cig-a-like devices come with their own portable charging solution and support a wide range of e-liquid flavours whereas others are single-use and can't be recharged or refilled.

Take a look at our guide to the best cig-a-like for Australian vapers if cig-a-likes sound like the right e-cigs for you.

What are Pod Vapes?

While cig-a-likes are popular e-cigarettes, pod vapes like our Viggo Series are popular vaping devices among both new and experienced vapers alike.

A pod vape is a small-sized vape that consists of two parts; vape juice filled pod (the "vape pod") and battery. The two snap together to form a single device. Pod systems come in many different styles, including both rechargeable and single use. Some may feature a power button but usually are automatic, which means you take a drag on them, just like with a regular cigarette and the vape automatically produces vapour when it detects you drawing on it.

Pod vape systems are ideal for beginners because they've been designed for smokers transitioning into vaping in order to quit. They're compact and lightweight systems that are relatively simple while still delivering enough power and flexibility to suit somebody who's transitioning from a heavy smoking habit.

Differences Between Cig-a-Like and Pod Vapes

Although they’re great devices, cig-a-likes have their drawbacks. They often come in pre-determined flavours which means if you want to try out a flavour of your choice, then chances are that it won’t be available to use, or it’ll be hard to find. And depending on the manufacturer, the cig-a-like is usually a disposable model that you get rid of when it runs out of flavour and battery. A one-size-fits-all approach with these devices is usually the attitude of manufacturers, and they’re available with little-to-no variations.

It’s not all bad news, though. Cig-a-likes, as we said, are great for newbie vapers who want a no-fuss, easy-to-use device that works out of the box with little setup required. Furthermore, depending on the manufacturer, cig-a-likes can be rechargeable, refillable, and reusable.

At Vaper Empire, our very own V-Pack II Series cig-a-like kit offers more than most. With many flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from, finding the right e-liquid for your V-Pack II is never a problem. And with its portable charging case, keeping your cig-a-like batteries charged while you're on the go could not be any easier.

Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape The VIGGO Series pod vape is the latest e-cigarette from Vaper Empire. Easy to use, ultra portable, and long-lasting. The perfect vape.

Pod vapes, on the other hand, are generally much more versatile and powerful than cig-a-likes, giving vapers more powerful vapour production while sacrificing minimal portability as pod systems are generally just a tad bit larger than cig-a-likes. Due to their powerful nature, relatively long-lasting batteries, high e-juice capacity, and features like variable voltage, pod vape systems are great for both beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

With our Viggo Series pod vaping system, vapers can get the best of all worlds with a device that caters to all types of vapers. With its proprietary blend of nicotine salt e-liquid, even the heaviest of smokers can confidently switch to vaping without worry of nicotine strength. With the Viggo's nicotine salts, vapers will find that the nicotine absorbs faster and tastes smoother, resulting in delightful vapour that's sure to please even the most finicky of vapers.

The “Modern” Vaping Experience

It’s often said that vape pods provide a more “modern” introductory vaping experience. This is because a vape pod is slightly larger than a traditional cig-a-like but is considerably smaller in size when compared to vape pens and vape mods.

Naturally, one may think that small size means limited power and vape juice capacity. However, this is often not the case. Most pod vape models are packed with power and come with a good amount of battery life and e-liquid capacity, as is the case with our Viggo Series.

In general, pod vape battery power can range anywhere between 200 and 1,000mAh, far more than a cig-a-like which has an average battery power of around 90mAh. On average, pod vapes hold over one-millilitre of e-liquid which is enough to see most people through their entire day with zero interruptions.

One significant benefit of using a pod vape is that the system uses nicotine e-salt liquid and produces neutral pH vapour which is smoother to inhale.

Pod Vape vs Cig-a-Like, Which is Better?

When comparing the two, it’s not a case of saying one is better than the other. Both systems have their pros and cons in comparison to one another. What’s important is which device works best for you. And only you are able to figure out what you’re looking for and what meets your needs.

What is true, however, is that more and more people are choosing pod vape systems over cig-a-likes for an enhanced introductory vaping experience. This shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a cig-a-like if you’re looking for a vaping experience that gives you the same feel and satisfaction as a tobacco cigarette---the cig-a-like is the vaping advice most suited for this purpose.

Take a look at our complete line of vapes to find the one that's right for you.

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