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Best Pod Vape In Australia

By now, you have probably heard of vape pods. They correspond with the latest type of vaping device to take the vaping community by storm, the pod vape. Their popularity has grown so rapidly, in fact, that they are becoming one of the most popular vaping products, especially amongst newbie vapers who want an e-cigarette that isn’t excessively powerful or complex.

What is a Vape Pod?

A vape pod is a type of e-cigarette cartridge or cartomiser that's designed to work with a relatively new type of e-cig known as a pod vape.

If you don’t know what a pod vape is, it is basically a vaping device that uses empty or pre-filled “pods” that hold e-liquid. These pods plug or screw into a battery so that the e-liquid can soak into the wick and be vapourised.

Due to their relatively small profiles, vape pods are super portable and discreet. They are a ‘mid-range’ kind of device that falls between basic cig-a-like e-cig and more advanced vape pens.

How Are Vape Pods Different?

It is the pod design that is the vape pod’s defining characteristic. These are used instead of the vape tanks and e-cig cartridges found on vape mods, vaporizer pens, and cig-a-likes.

Pod systems are sometimes called “all-in-one” systems because they include everything that you need to get going: the pod cartridge with its own coil, wick, and e-liquid. There is no need for you to replace parts like coils and atomisers because everything is self-contained within the pod. All you need to do is occasionally replace the pod.

Although most pods are usually draw-activated like regular e-cigs are, some come with buttons like those found on vape pens.

This is where the differences stop. In terms of core functionality, everything is generally the same. The wick is used to soak up e-liquid from the pod. When the wick is sufficiently soaked, a coil heats up e-liquid and turns it into vapour which can then be inhaled and exhaled.

The Best Pod Vape in Australia

When it comes to defining what the best pod vape is, many factors must be considered. For Australians and New Zealanders, we believe that there's only one pod vape worth considering and that's our brand new VIGGO Series.

Introducing VIGGO: Our Own Pod Vape

At Vaper Empire, we believe that our own carefully designed VIGGO vape pod system is the best of its kind. This innovative pod vaping system is equipped with our Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System, which means that there are no buttons to fiddle with or hold while vaping, and our disposable 1-click connect VIGGOpods that come pre-filled with our proprietary VIGGO Salts e-liquid that is specially formulated for superior nicotine absorption, outstanding flavour, and improved throat hit.

While many pod vape manufacturers take a one-size-fits-all approach to their designs, we at Vaper Empire opted for a more personalised approach. Which is why our VIGGO pod system is equipped with a variable voltage feature that allows users to choose from three unique voltage settings, customising the vaping experience to match their vapour preference.

VIGGO users can choose from multiple pod flavours, which include:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Creamy Custard
  • Apple
  • Orange Crush
  • Whole Leaf Tobacco
  • Flat White Coffee
  • Caramel Tobacco
  • Blueberry

You can get your hands on a VIGGO and everything you need to start using it straight away with our VIGGO Deluxe Starter Kit. This includes:

  • 1 x Rechargeable Viggo Device
  • 9 x Viggo Pods (3 x 3-Packs) - Choice of 3 Flavours
  • 1 x Vaper Empire Classic PU Leather Bound Pouch
  • 1 x Micro USB Power Cable
  • 1 x Australian USB Wall Adapter [0.5 Amp]

How to Use the VIGGO Pod Vape

To use your VIGGO device, simply remove it from the box. The device should be fully charged out of the box, however, if it needs charging then all you need to do is connect the USB charger to the charging port and plug it into the mains. While charging, the indicator light will be red, and this will change to green once charged.

When it is charged, remove a VIGGO pod from its protective sleeve and remove the protective contact strip before attaching it to the VIGGO device.

When sliding the pod into place, you will find that it snaps easily into place as the magnet enclosure activates. In order to use, simply draw through the pod's mouthpiece; the easy-draw system will activate and begin producing vapour immediately. When the pod juice has been depleted, simply remove the pod and replace it with a fresh pod.

How Much E-Liquid Does VIGGO Hold?

VIGGO vape pods are high-capacity pods. They're easy to use, leak-free, and contain 1.8ml of premium TPD-tested Vaper Empire e-liquid. VIGGO nicotine salt e-liquid pods come in two strengths (0% and 3%). Nicotine-free VIGGOpods do not contain nicotine. Both strengths are available in various vape juice flavours. Unlike with refillable pods, VIGGO disposable pods do not require their vape coils to be replaced, providing a convenient and hassle-free pod vaping experience.

How to Dispose of Vape Pods

Vape pods are generally made of plastic. Depending on the type of plastic and your local refuse facilities, you may be able to toss these right into the recycling bin once you are finished with them. This is something you will have to check for yourself, though.

To find out which type of plastic your vape pod is made of, look on the side or base for a symbol. These are usually numbers within three-arrow triangles from 1 to 7. Number 1, for example, is polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) and can be widely recycled. Whether your local authority can process it is a different story, however, and you will need to check this for yourself by visiting your local council’s (or equivalent’s) website.

With more people now taking up vaping, it is more important than ever that we as a community are conscious about the impact our actions are having on the environment. Recycling helps save the environment, which is why we've worked to ensure that all of our VIGGO vape pods are recyclable.

Ready to Try Out a Pod Vape?

If you think that a pod vape is the right type of device for you and you want to try one out for yourself then head on over to the Vaper Empire online store and order yourself a brand-new VIGGO device.

At Vaper Empire, we design, manufacture and retail our own range of custom-made products. Everything we sell is manufactured in a high-quality facility and shipped out quickly to our customers across Australia. We are often regarded as the country’s best vape company, and our brand is recognised by Australian vapers across the continent.

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