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Best E-Cigs To Help Quit Smoking

By this point, you probably already know what vaping is. If you haven't had first-hand experience yourself or if you don't have a friend who does it, it's rather likely that you have seen a stranger doing it---it is everywhere. Over the past few years especially, vaping has exploded in popularity.

Because of this, those of you who are new to the scene and want to get involved in vaping have more options than ever when it comes to e-cigs, vapes, accessories, e-liquids, and more.

Why E-Cigs Are Ideal for Newbie Vapers

Whilst big box mods and adjustable vapes are all brilliant products, e-cigarettes and vape pens are the most common and most loved of them all. Perfect for first-time users who are looking to quit smoking, they are small, discreet, easy to use, and highly portable. They also look and feel like a regular cigarette and some people find this helpful on the quitting front.

What Are the Different Types of Vape?

Although we are primarily focusing on e-cigs here, others include:

  • Vape pens that are tubular in shape and have a small tank to store e-liquid. These tend to last longer, are rechargeable, and deliver a more intense experience.
  • Pod vapes that are small, compact devices that use e-liquid capsules. They are very simple to use and maintain.
  • Vape mods, often called 'box mods', that come in several variations. They are often quite large, have a bigger tank, and have adjustable settings (e.g. voltage) to deliver a super intense experience and thicker, denser clouds.

E-cigs, often called cig-a-likes, on the other hand, look very similar to your classic tobacco cigarette. They are either disposable or have small, rechargeable batteries and are refilled with disposable 'cartomisers' (miniature tanks with e-liquid in) that can be detached.

How Does Vaping Work?

E-cigs contain what is known as 'e-liquid'. In short, this liquid, composed of water, PG, VG, flavourings, and nicotine (that's it!), is heated up using a wick and coil powered by a battery. This produces vapour that you can then inhale and subsequently exhale.

The result is a safer and more pleasant delivery of nicotine that keeps your cigarette cravings down, helping you to quit smoking.

Is It Really Safer?

Whilst e-cigarettes are not 100% risk-free, research conducted in the UK suggests that it is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

This is because cigarettes rely on the combustion of tobacco (and other additives) to work. The knock-on effect from this combustion is the production of tar, carbon monoxide, and cancer-causing elements.

Although e-liquids contain nicotine in varying concentrations, nicotine itself in small doses is not known to be harmful. It is all the by-products and chemicals in cigarette smoke that are harmful.

The Best E-Cigs to Help Quit Smoking

To make your life easier, we have compiled a short list of the best e-cigs that can help you quit smoking. These are all products designed and manufactured by us here at Vaper Empire, so you can be absolutely certain that you are getting a quality product.

The V-Pack II

Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit V-Pack II

The V-Pack II is our answer to the classic cig-a-like device, however, it has been drastically improved in every which way. V-Pack II is ideal for beginners who are trying to quit smoking and need a simple device that is low-maintenance, easy to use, and portable.

With its slim, lightweight profile that is very discreet, it delivers a great vaping experience--far better than many comparable e-cig devices---that lasts. The device itself is stored in a carrying case that has been modelled on a real cigarette packet. This case charges the cig-a-like devices, too, meaning that you can use one and charge another simultaneously.

The V-Pack II's features and properties include:

  • A combined weight (devices plus case) of 76g
  • A 1200mAh battery capacity for the case, charging in 4 hours
  • A 170mAh battery capacity for the actual device, charging in 2 hours
  • A minute size of 8.5mm x 100mm, 8,7g in weight
  • A 0.8ml detachable cartomiser that delivers approximately 400 'puffs'

A brilliant entry-level device, the V-Pack II can be used with nicotine e-liquids to help you ditch your smoking habit. Available in nicotine concentrations from 6mg (light concentration, suitable for occasional and 'social' smokers) to 24mg (high, suitable for very heavy smokers.)

The Vantage

Vaper Empire Vantage Series Vape Pen Vantage Series

The Vantage is our simpler, toned down vape pen that is designed for first-time users and/or people who want a device that delivers more whilst still being simple in nature, discreet, and easy to use. Like the V-Pack II, it is ideal for people who want to quit smoking but want a little bit more than our cig-a-like e-cigs.

The Vantage features a clearomiser that lasts for around 4-6 weeks before needing to be replaced. The clearomiser contains a replaceable coil and 1.6ml tank that can be used with our entire range of Classic and Artisan vape juices, either with or without nicotine.

Ready to go from the moment you take it out of the box, the Vantage requires no assembly or configuration and it fits comfortably in the hand for a long-lasting session.

The Vantage's features and properties include:

  • A weight of only 37g
  • A 650mAh battery capacity that is equal to around 10-15 cigarettes
  • A battery charging time of 3-4 hours
  • 6ml e-liquid capacity
  • A cartridge that delivers around 1,200 'puffs'
  • A small size of 143mm x 14mm

First-class in performance and elegant in style, there is a reason why the Vantage is one of Australia's most popular, practical, and simple to use vape pens---they don't get much better, especially if you are just learning the ropes.

Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

If you want to check out our extensive range of vaping devices, see the huge selection of e-liquids we have to offer, or want to buy some accessories to go with your V-Pack II or Vantage devices, the best place to go is our own online store.

All orders are processed immediately and are shipped out to Australia within 3 to 5 business days.

Worried about buying vape products and nicotine for importing into Australia? Don't be! You can read our own guide on this subject to find out more and put your mind at ease.

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