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Best Disposable E-Cig

Often, most people's first step away from smoking and towards vaping is finding the very best disposable e-cig.

Whilst there are many people out there who will recommend reusable devices such as vape pens and box mods, disposable e-cigs are a brilliant option for people who want to test the waters without committing to something long-term. Not only that, they are highly convenient and perfect for use on the move.

Yes, there are some cons to using disposable e-cigs, however, there are plenty of pros, too.

Choosing the Best Disposable E-Cig

With so many vaping brands out there and thousands of disposable e-cig options, choosing a reliable one can be difficult. If you know what you are looking for, however, the job becomes a whole lot easier.

What to Look for in a Disposable E-Cig

When you know things to look out for, you will be able to make a better, more informed decision. Whilst there may be a lot of choices, that's not to say that all disposable e-cigs are the same---they are not.

Look for some of the following quality indicators:

  • Rechargeable: Whilst we are talking about disposable e-cigs here, that doesn't mean you need to throw the entire device away. That's incredibly wasteful. Instead, look for e-cigs that have other disposable elements (e.g. disposable vape tanks.)
  • E-Liquids: Just because you are using a disposable e-cig does not mean that your choice of e-liquid should be restricted. Choose an e-cig where you can swap out e-liquid cartridges for different flavours and nicotine strengths.
  • Simple: A disposable e-cig should be simple and easy to use. Look for a device where you draw vapour by a sucking action instead of a button or other means of device activation. Disposable e-cigs should be useable right out of the box.

Avoid buying disposable e-cigs that are single-use, are not rechargeable, and do not let you use different disposable cartomisers.

E-Cigs vs Vape Pens

Whether to go with a classic e-cig or a vape pen is entirely down to you; it is all about the overall experience you want.

If you simply want a quick, easy, and simple vaping solution then an e-cig is the way to go. They are low-maintenance, easy to use, and convenient. Vape pens on the other hand often have adjustable settings, need to be cleaned, and are a lot bulkier.

We always recommend that first-time users of vapes start off with a lower level device such as an e-cig. That way, they can get a feel for it before committing to more involved devices such as vape pens and box mods.

The last thing that you want to do is buy a big expensive vaping device only to later find out that it is far too powerful and intense for you.

Start off simple and work your way up---that's the best way to approach vaping devices.

The Best Disposable E-Cig in 2019

By far, we think the very best disposable e-cig available right now is our own Vaper Empire V-Pack II device. This e-cig, also known as a "cig-a-like" device is perfect for beginners who want a device that is cost-effective, low maintenance, and very simple to use on the go.

The V-Pack II is a lot better than many comparable cig-a-like devices; we have gone all-out to design and manufacture a cig-a-like device that ticks boxes that many others do not.

Delivering a quality vaping experience whilst being discreet and lightweight, our V-Pack II is a no-brainer.

How It Works

Delivering a more traditional experience comparable to smoking, the striking V-Pack II is the only disposable e-cig you will ever need.

Usable right out of the box, the V-Pack II includes both a charging case and e-cig. Simply slide the front face of the V-Pack II case down until the top of it opens. When fully assembled, the charging case will store:

  • One complete e-cig;
  • One spare battery stem in a charging port; and
  • Three additional cartomisers.

To begin enjoying the experience of your V-Pack II e-cig, simply screw a refill cartomiser into one of the battery stems and inhale. When the device is working, a small light on the front will illuminate with a white glow.

To recharge it, simply unscrew the cartomiser from the battery before firmly pushing the battery stem back in the charging case. Once the battery is correctly replaced and charging, the stem will emit a white glow and the digital LCD display will light up to show the charge status of both the charging case and the battery stem. The case will recharge a battery stem around five times before it needs to be recharged itself via a wall socket.

It really is that simple!

Technical Specifications

The V-Pack II's technical specifications include:

  • Charging case size of 110mm x 64mm x 16mm
  • Charging case battery capacity of 1,200mAh
  • Case charging time of approximately four hours
  • E-cig size of 8.5mm x 100mm
  • E-cig battery capacity of 170mAh
  • E-cig charging time of approximately two hours
  • The fully charged e-cig delivers around 400 'puffs'

V-Pack II Deluxe Starter Kit

Without a doubt, our V-Pack II Deluxe Starter Kit is your best bet for getting going with your Vaper Empire disposable e-cig.

In the box, you get:

  • One V-Pack II portable charging case
  • Two V-Pack II battery stems
  • One mini USB power cable with an Australian wall adapter
  • Four V-Pack II cartomiser packs, five in each pack

It is entirely your choice what flavours and nicotine strengths you choose for your cartomisers. With e-liquid nicotine strengths between 0mg and 24mg, and e-liquid flavours ranging from watermelon to mango and coffee to apple, there is something for everybody.

Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

Ready to start your very own vaping journey?

The Vaper Empire online store has everything you need and more. Vaping devices, vaping accessories, e-liquids made by our very own mixologists, and replacement parts, we stock it all.

With immediate order processing and shipping to Australia in as little as three to five business days, you will have your disposable e-cigs before you know it!

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