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BBC E-Cigarette Criticisms Are Alarmist, Say Researchers

You may or may not be aware that E-Cigarettes have become a huge success in the UK with Vape stores in practically every town and village. The public over there have been exposed to the vaping products as nicotine refills are widely available and this means that they have become educated on the Vaping and E-Liquid as a whole. It is therefore very difficult for the government in the UK to manipulate the public because people have been fully informed on E-Liquid and THEY have made the choice that vaping is a far better way to satisfy their nicotine addiction than typical tobacco cigarettes. 'The cat is out of the bag' so to speak.

In Australia, the product has been controlled and continues to be made less accessible and this is limiting people's choice. Also, the media in Australia are creating fear over E-Cigarettes which is completely unjustified. The Australian government don't want E-Cigarettes to be available and have this quit or die approach. The Reason?? Maybe it could be something to do with lobbying and special interests, it is a $16bn a year industry after all. Do you think people should have a choice to use a cheaper, less harmful way of satisfying their addiction? Regulation is required but let's be sensible and give people a right to choose while protocols are put in place!

This is an article that would probably not be published in Australia but luckily we can hear what's happening in countries where E-Cigarettes are being embraced.

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