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How To Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping

Nobody enjoys dry hits when they're vaping. If you have ever experienced one, you will 100% know about it. For those who haven’t, it is as if the flames of hell have entered your mouth and done a number on the back of your throat. Oh, and there is absolutely no hint of flavour to mitigate this, either.

Unfortunately, many people wrongly think that dry hits are just part and parcel of vaping. Many have a mindset where they think that dry rips will regularly happen and that they simply need to accept them. This is wrong… to an extent. Dry hits when vaping can absolutely be avoided proactively for the most part; there is no need to suffer from them.

What Exactly Is A Dry Hit?

Dry hits happen when the wicking material in your vape, which is in direct contact with its heating element, is not saturated with e-liquid. This can be down to a wicking issue, a coil that is being run at too high of a wattage, a coil that needs to be changed, or not having enough (or any!) e-liquid in your tank.

The dry hit happens because the absence of e-liquid means that the wick burns up from the heat produced by the heating element. This causes some combustion to take place which produces smoke, leading to that awful burnt taste and invariably a fit of coughing.

How To Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping

It is impossible to totally get rid of dry hits permanently, however. At least not yet. However, it is possible to reduce your chances of experiencing one.

Check Your Voltage

If you are experiencing regular dry hits, your first port of call should be to check your device’s voltage, especially if you are using a device with a variable voltage that you control.

Some coils work better with lower voltages and some work better with higher, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the device you are using isn’t too powerful for the coil. If you are using a device with variable voltage control, learn how to set the ideal voltage level for your vape---there are plenty of resources available online that can help you out with this.

Check Your Vape Tank

Dripping Vaper Empire E Liquid Keeping your vape tank topped off can help you avoid experiencing the dreaded 'dry hit' when vaping.

It may sound a little bit silly… but does your vape tank have any e-liquid in it? An insufficient amount of vape juice in the tank is by far one of the most common causes of dry hits, and we’re all guilty of forgetting to check every now and then.

Most vape tanks will have a minimum fill line and once your e-liquid dips below this, your vape’s coil will not be able to get enough e-liquid. Trying to use your device when e-liquid is below this line is a sure-fire way to experience a dry hit. If your vape tank doesn’t have a minimum fill line or any other indicator, then make sure that you refill your vape juice tank once it starts to reach the bottom.

Check Your Wattage

If your vaping device has variable wattage controls then make sure the wattage you are using is compatible with the coil you are using. Almost all coils will have a recommended wattage, and you can find out what yours is by checking the coil’s packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

If you run your vape tank above the maximum wattage that a coil can handle, then you run the risk of running into wicking issues where the coil is unable to keep up with the amount of e-liquid needed to keep your wick saturated. This will almost always lead to a dry hit. So… as tempting as it can be to crank the wattage up to maximum, avoid doing this until you know your coil can handle it.

Check Your Coil

Replacing your vape coil semi-regularly can help avoid dry hits and a whole host of other vaping problems, too. It can also prevent your device from becoming physically damaged.

Over time, certain ingredients from your e-liquids, such as sugars and sweeteners, can cause a sticky gunky build-up on your vape’s coil. When this is left there to fester, it can harden into a crystallised mass and reduce the effectiveness of both your vape coil and wicking materials. This directly affects how much e-liquid can reach the wick and the coil and while it will start off by simply dampening the flavour you get, it will eventually lead to dry hits.

Sourcing Replacement Parts

Are you in need of a new coil? Or perhaps you are looking for a better quality device that is more reliable to avoid dry hits when vaping?

No matter what it is that you are looking for, here at Vaper Empire we stock our own bespoke range of high-quality vaping devices, accessories, replacement parts, and e-liquids. Everything is designed in-house and developed at our dedicated manufacturing facilities before it is shipped off to mainland Australia for our customers to enjoy. Visit the Vaper Empire online vape store to find out more.

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