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How To Avoid Buying Fake E-Juice

With the rise of vaping has come fake e-liquids, which contain ingredients or concentrations of ingredients that simply do not match their labels -- potentially placing vapers at risk.

In some instances, fake e-juices have been found to contain either more or less nicotine than what's purported on their label. In order to thwart these fraudsters, at least one group of researchers is working on a handheld scanner that would provide a chemical fingerprint of the e-liquid, allowing for a determination to be made on whether the ingredients contained within the liquid match those of the label. Now while this technology is reportedly in the works, that still leaves consumers with a valid concern: how does one determine whether they're buying real or fake e-juice?

One solution is to shop only at trusted stores, such as here at Vaper Empire. At Vaper Empire, all of our vape juice is manufactured from the finest ingredients and strictly pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. On top of all this, it's all made in a multimillion-dollar manufacturing facility located in the United Kingdom. And it's all lab tested in order to ensure compliance with European Union TPD standards, which ensures that each and every bottle of Vaper Empire brand e-juice meets the high standards that we hold our products to. In other words, you can trust our juice.

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