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Our Viggo Pods are available with nicotine salts

Why Nicotine Salts Are Popular With Vapers
21 October 2021

Vape nicotine comes in different forms, including freebase nicotine and what is commonly referred to as nic salts. It's the latter of these two forms that has exploded in popularity in the vaping scene and its rising popularity is not merely a fad, as nicotine salts are in many ways superior. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why many vapers have come to prefer salts in their e-juice. Nicotine Salts Taste Better While not everyone agrees, many vapers believe that salts taste better because they don't taste like anything. This means that vape juices containing salts are ...
Nicotine Prescription

Australians Now Required To Have A Prescription To Buy Nicotine Vaping Products
3 October 2021

Vapers in Australia can continue to buy nicotine vaping products right here at Vaper Empire's online vape shop after 1 October 2021 (the date that the Australian Government began requiring nicotine prescriptions for purchases of nicotine-containing vaping products) by obtaining a nicotine prescription from a licensed doctor in Australia. To obtain a prescription, follow the steps outlined in this guide. Note: Australians can purchase vaping products that contain zero nicotine (0mg/0%) without a prescription. Visit our online store to start shopping now. How To Get A Nicotine Prescription In Australia The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has stated that the main reason a ...
Higher Vape Taxes Lead To Increased Smoking, Study Shows

Higher Vape Taxes Lead To Increased Smoking, Study Shows
28 September 2021

Could raising taxes on vaping products such as the nicotine e-cigarettes sold here at Vaper Empire lead to higher smoking rates? According to a new study led by researcher Dr Michael Pesko of Georgia State University, the answer is yes. The authors of the study, which was published in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, found that increasing taxes on vaping products leads to an increase in conventional cigarette use. On the other hand, the study's findings show that increasing taxes on cigarettes leads to an increase in the use of vaping products. "These results suggest caution in regulating e-cigarettes ...
Vaper Empire E-Cigarettes

New Cochrane Review Finds E-Cigs To Be More Effective Than NRT
23 September 2021

A new study from independent medical research organisation Cochrane has concluded with moderate certainty that using electronic cigarettes with nicotine leads to more smokers successfully quitting smoking than traditional nicotine replacement therapy products, such as nicotine patches and gum. The study also found that using e-cigarettes containing nicotine leads to an increase in success rates over e-cigs that contain no nicotine. At Vaper Empire, we sell our e-cigarette kits in various nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine-free to high strength. With many nicotine strengths to choose from, we aim to provide our customers with the right fit for quitting smoking. Cochrane, ...

New Research Adds To Evidence That Vaping Is Significantly Less Harmful Than Smoking
11 June 2021

A new study has shed light on how vaping and smoking differ in their impact on cells and DNA, adding to the growing scientific evidence that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. The study, which was peer-reviewed and published in the journal Mutagenesis, utilised Toxys' ToxTracker suite of stem-cell-based in-vitro assays to compare e-liquid samples and their vapour to the smoke of combustible cigarettes. The study, which was conducted by scientists at Imperial Brands, marks the first time that the results of an analysis on e-liquids and their vapour using the ToxTracker system have been published. The scientists used ...
Australian Researchers Find E-Cigs To Be More Effective Than Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Australian Researchers Find E-Cigs To Be More Effective Than Nicotine Replacement Therapies
5 June 2021

A new study led by Dr Gary Chan of the University of Queensland's National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research has added to the scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are a more effective tool for helping smokers quit than nicotine replacement therapies, including patches and gum. The study, which was published in the journal Addictive Behaviours, found e-cigarettes to be 50 per cent more effective than nicotine replacement therapy and over 100 per cent more effective than the placebo. The findings of the study draw into question the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners recommendation that electronic cigarettes be used as a second-line ...
Top 10 Most Popular Pod Flavours

Top 10 Most Popular Pod Flavours
31 May 2021

Searching for the best pod flavours to use with your pod vape? Here's a list of our most popular pod flavours for our Viggo Series pod system, which you can purchase directly from our online store. Top 3 Viggo Vape Pod Flavours In no particular order, here are our top three most popular pod flavours for our Viggo Series pod vape: Menthol One of our top selling pod flavours is our refreshingly cool and crisp Menthol Pods, which are sure to take your taste buds for a ride. Each draw is as cool as it is fresh, yet smooth enough to ...
Iced Vape Juice

What Is Iced Vape Juice?
30 May 2021

Wondering what iced vape juice is? We'll tell you exactly what it is, and what it's not. To better your understanding, here's everything you need to know about ice vape juice. What Iced Vape Juice Is When a vape juice is iced, what this means is that it contains menthol. The menthol can be extracted from the mint oils derived from various strains of mint, such as peppermint, corn mint, and spearmint. Alternatively, this widely used organic compound can be made synthetically. Menthol is well known for its fresh taste, soothing, and cooling effects. All of these characteristics transfer seamlessly ...
World Vape Day

Today Is World Vape Day 2021
30 May 2021

Today is World Vape Day, the day that the world comes together to celebrate vaping! In honour of this year's World Vape Day, which has fallen on 30 May 2021, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the benefits of vaping that scientific research has confirmed over the years. Vaping's Benefits Vaping Helps Smokers Quit Many of our customers here at Vaper Empire already know that vaping is an effective tool for quitting smoking. Last year, one of the largest vaping studies to date found smokers who use e-cigarettes to be nearly twice as likely to quit smoking as ...
Juul Pods Australia? Here's A Better Option

Juul Pods Australia? Here's A Better Option
16 March 2021

Pod vaping's popularity continues to rise with Australia's vapers, leaving some Aussie vapers to wonder whether they can buy Juul pods in Australia. If you're one such vaper, then continue reading because we're going to tell you about a better option that we offer right here at Vaper Empire. They're called Viggo Pods and they are far superior to the Juul pods that you've been considering buying. Here's why: More E-Juice In Each Pod Viggo vape pods by Vaper Empire hold 1.8ml of premium e-liquid, whereas Juul pods hold only 0.7ml of vape juice. This means that each Viggo pod ...