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Australian Researchers Link E-Cig Availability To Public Health Gains And Cost Savings

Recently, the journal Epidemiology published a study carried out by researchers across Australia and New Zealand titled “Potential Country-level Health and Cost Impacts of Legalizing Domestic Sale of Vaporized Nicotine Products."

Vaping Legality in New Zealand

While adult vapers in New Zealand can buy e-liquid with nicotine from our online store, the restrictions in place in the country tend to make vaping less convenient than it could be. That's why this study set out to determine how the lifting of these restrictions might affect New Zealand.

To determine how this change might affect New Zealand, the researchers behind the study looked at a couple of factors: the potential cost savings and the potential health benefits.

How The Study Was Conducted

It's been determined in prior studies that e-cigs can increase a converted smoker's quality of lifeSmoking causes a number of diseases that haven't been linked to vaping. Consequently, public health could also see significant financial benefits due to the probable decrease in health-related expenses.

In this study, these statistics are applied to the New Zealand population in order to determine how the lifting of e-liquid restrictions might benefit the country. So, what were the results?

Health Benefits

Regarding New Zealand's potential health benefits, the study concluded that the lifting of e-liquid restrictions would result in an average of 19 extra days being added to the life of every New Zealander.

The probable benefits were averaged out among all living New Zealanders, but the increased quality of life here is due exclusively to the results observed in smokers that switch to vaping.

If the health benefit results were limited to and averaged among those that were likely to switch to vaping, that number would almost certainly be significantly higher.

Financial Benefits

Because it can help some former smokers avoid potential smoke-related diseases, vaping can potentially help former smokers avoid the costs of these smoke-related diseases, benefiting the public financially.

The study attempted to predict what those cost savings might look like for New Zealand by using calculations based on reasonable assumptions. Nation-wide public health cost savings were estimated to be $3.4 billion in New Zealand dollars (or 3.27 billion in Australian dollars.) 

What Could This Mean for Australia?

The researchers conducting this study went out of their way to add that these results could be applicable to Australia as well, were the country to lift its e-liquid restrictions.

Tony Blakely, professor at the University of Melbourne and senior study author, commented on the study: “New Zealand and Australia are reasonably similar in disease and smoking rates. The New Zealand best estimate of health gain is equivalent to 19 days of healthy life per person alive over the remainder of their lives – a measure we can probably transport across the Tasman.”

It seems that researchers believe that the lifting of e-liquid restrictions in New Zealand and Australia would benefit both countries in very similar ways. Only time will tell whether or not the respective countries will see their current laws updated for the better.

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