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Are You A Stealth Vaper?

Vaping is beginning to take off now in Australia and becoming more ubiquitous. But is there a code of conduct? This is what this article is all about, a code of conduct when vaping.

Should we be taking advantage of the fact that there is no ban on smoking e-cigarettes inside or should we try and be discrete? Obviously vaping isn't prohibited so what are your thoughts?

Many states in the U.S are considering placing a ban on Vaping indoors in public establishments. The reasoning seems to be mainly to prevent re-normalising smoking but this argument is of course inherently flawed because vaping should not be placed under the same banner as smoking. These are 2 entirely different processes.

The article does identify that being a respectful vaper and being discrete could be way forward. Unlike smoking, we really can Vape in such a way that it is almost unrecognisable to bystanders. Tips include: Holding in the Vaper longer after inhalation which reduces exhaled vape; taking a breath after drawing on the vape; concealing the lit tip of the e-cigarette or button.

For stealth vaping tips, read this article.

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