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Another Scientific Win For Vaping

One of the most common arguments against vaping as we all know is that people haven’t been studying ‘long-term’ effects on our bodies. But a brand new study by Professor Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania (Italy) has shown a great success for a medical reason to shut down these arguments.

Professor Polosa chose 21 subjects of varying vape use and experience over 3 and a half years to monitor for any threats to their respiratory systems which showed little to no change. None of the subjects were previously smokers to make sure that there was no possible prior damage. Some were heavy daily users and some had never vaped previously. 

Polosa’s team found no difference in the lungs, blood pressure or heart rate of their subjects across the length of the study between the regular vape users and those that had never used an e-cig previously.

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