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Addiction Specialist And Doctor Says That Vaping Benefits Outweigh Risks

A doctor and addiction specialist, David Outridge, from the Hunter Valley in NSW has stated that the benefits of vaping far outweigh the risks.

The Senate has recently been examining e-cigarettes as part of an inquiry: "Following a referral on 25 May 2017 from the Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, the Committee will inquire into and report on the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) and personal vaporisers in Australia." (

The general practitioner, David Outridge stated that there is sufficient evidence to show that e-cigarettes are vastly safer than smoking tobacco products: "there is little doubt in my mind that would be a big step forward in relation to harm minimisation, both as a way to help people reduce their harm from smoking and in some cases stop smoking," he said, according to ABC Newcastle.

Doctor Outridge says the balance of risks and benefits leans heavily towards enabling the availability of nicotine liquid for the tobacco consumer market.

"I think it's an addiction that is going to be with us for some time."

"We have been fighting against the tobacco companies and they've got plenty of resources and so if they're willing to do things in a safer way I think it is a step forward."

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