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6 Best Fruity Vape Juice Flavours

Your vaping experience starts and finishes with your choice of e-liquid flavour and the quality of it. With virtually unlimited choices and varieties and new ones being made every day, finding the right fruity vape juice is no simple task. For most people, it is a never-ending journey of endless orders from different brands and manufacturers in pursuit of “the one”.

With all the different flavours and concoctions, it is very easy for people to get excited and lost among them all. However, for many people, finding the best fruity vape juice is all about keeping things as simple as they can be and going back to the classics---tried and tested proven flavours that have remained popular over the years.

Fruity e-juice flavours have been a favourite since vaping’s inception. Not only is there a range of great, simple flavours available, but their ingredients make them perfect for those that like to make thick clouds.

6 Best Fruity Vape Juice Flavours

Due to this popularity, vaping brands have poured millions of dollars into producing fruity vape juices inspired by virtually every fruit imaginable. To keep things simple and aid you in finding the right fruity e-liquid flavour, here’s a look at six of our favourite ones.

Berry Chill

The world’s affinity for berry flavours is embodied in the number of manufacturers that include berry flavours in their product line-ups. In fact, it is impossible to have a list of fruit vape juice flavours without something inspired by or related to berries.

At Vaper Empire, our favourite berry flavoured e-liquid is Berry Chill, which is also perfect for menthol lovers. The e-liquid is a perfectly balanced combination of blackberries and blackcurrants underpinned with cooling, icy undertones. The e-liquid opens with a crisp, fruity, refreshing burst of dark blueberries and blackberries before ramping up into an invigorating yet not too overpowering hit of crisp icy coolness.

Red Lemonade

Despite the overwhelming popularity of fruit flavoured vape liquid, not everybody is looking to fill their mouth with sweetness when vaping. Instead, some opt to flood the mouth with a hit of sourness that gets their mouths watering, and this is what our Red Lemonade e-liquid does.

The beauty with lemon-based flavours, and perhaps the reason why they are so popular, is how easy they are to blend and pair with other flavours. Here, we have created a summertime favourite by combining refreshing, juicy strawberry with a hint of citrusy tang. Red Lemonade has all the features of a classic, cloudy lemonade but with an extra hit of fruitiness.

Death Valley Nectar

In the world of fruit e-juice flavours, we are always seeing the classic examples. Strawberry, blueberry, orange, lemon, apple… but what about fruits that you don’t see quite so often such as kiwi, pear, and bilberry?

These are all examples of firm favourite fruits that we have combined with a hint of cactus in an Artisan Collection blend called Death Valley Nectar. These fragrant fruits, when combined with the delicate flavour of cactus, make for a subtle yet distinctly sweet flavour that is the perfect deviation from the norm that will shake up your vaping routine.

The Amazonian

When we say mango and passionfruit, you might think we are talking about the ingredients to a cocktail you might find down at your local bar… but we’re not. Rather, we are talking about one of the most popular fruit vaping juice flavours from our Artisan Collection, The Amazonian.

Inspired by the dense jungles of Brazil and other parts of South America, this fresh and fruity e-liquid captures the essence of the South American wilderness with its refreshing fruity bursts and its palate cleaning properties. Here, we blend mango and passionfruit with citrus and orchard fruits to create a flavour that you simply will not find anywhere else, period.


As they say, the classics never die, and one classic fruity e-liquid flavour that has earned its place on any list is the world’s most common and favourite fruit---the apple. Whilst apple may not be the most popular fruity e-liquid on account of its relative subtleness and lack of sweetness, it is still a staple flavour of many vapers.

Apple flavours pair well with other fruit varieties like strawberry and pineapple, making it super versatile and easy to combine with a whole range of other e-liquids to create bespoke concoctions.


Watermelon is one of the world’s most popular fruits. Perfect on a hot summer’s day, the humble watermelon manages to achieve a distinctly sweet flavour without being too overpowering, sickly, or tangy. These characteristics carry over well to watermelon e-liquids, making them a popular choice amongst vapers.

Whether you are looking for an explosion of freshness in your mouth or a dash of sourness, watermelon e-liquid can easily be paired with virtually any other e-liquid going because they do not have an overly unique taste.

Explore the Rest of Our Collections

At Vaper Empire, we pride ourselves on producing some of the best fruit e-juice flavours that the world has to offer.

Concocted by expert mixologists in a clinical manufacturing facility using the highest-quality ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, both our Classic and Artisan e-liquid collections provide an unbeatable vaping experience. What’s more, strict batch control and quality assurance mean that you are guaranteed only the best quality liquid in every bottle.

Visit the Vaper Empire online store to explore the rest of the collection and some of the other products we have available, like our cutting-edge vape pens and pods.

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