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5 Ways Vaping Will Help You Give Up Smoking For Good

If you or someone you know has been thinking of making the switch from cigarettes to vaping, here are five great reasons to do it now!

1. Save Money
At a fraction of the cost of cigarettes, vaping could save you thousands of dollars a year! If that's not an incentive, then we don't know what is! Use our handy savings calculator at to find out exactly how much you'll save.

2. Avoid Harmful Cigarettes
Our e-liquid contains just 3 simple ingredients: food-grade flavours, plant-based vegetable glycerin and pharmaceutical PG nicotine. That's it! While cigarettes, on the other hand, contain well over a thousand known harmful chemicals.

3. Eliminate Cravings
Nicotine is what smokers crave in cigarettes. With vaping, you satisfy those cravings, while controlling the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid and avoiding harmful tobacco.

4. Find Your Flavour!
Open your world to a HUGE variety of e-liquid flavours. Even combine flavours to experiment! And if you enjoy the true taste of tobacco, we’ve got you covered with several authentic tobacco flavours.

5. Smell Better
Hate the stale smell of cigarette smoke that clings to everything from your hair and clothes, to your car and furniture? Vaping eliminates that problem altogether. Everyone will thank you.

So whether for you or a friend, get 20% off your choice of any Deluxe or Regular Starter Kit now!

*Limit 1 per order. This offer ends January 17th, 2019.

Just 1 week left to grab our Sweet Menthol e-juice at 50% off -- one of our bestsellers, and still 50% off through to December 31st. Stock up now before it goes back up to full price!

We'll be announcing our January Flavour of the Month soon. It's a good'un!

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